Prof. Terry Ryan

Prof. Terry Ryan is an economist by profession (MIT alumni), and has held various roles as an advisor on policy and economic planning both in private sector and in the government.

He has also been the Chairperson of the Micro and Small Enterprise Task Force for the Government.

He previously was a Commissioner in the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) since 2004, heading various committees as the Chairperson of the Policy Analysis & Research Committee and also the Chairperson of Audit Committee for the same commission.

He has held various senior advisory roles in Central Bank. He has been a Member of the Monetary Policy Advisory Committee, as well as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Prof. Ryan has also been the Director of Planning, Ministry of Planning and National Development, and also served as the Economic Secretary in the Ministry of Finance for the Government of Kenya.

Prof. Ryan also fulfilled the role of teaching as an associate professor in the Department of Economics, University of Nairobi.

Prof. Ryan has been a consultant for various organisations including the World Bank, the Kenya Government, as well as various UN bodies and agencies.

He has also been a resource person for various local and international bodies, and has also published widely in various local and international journals.