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Family Business Executive Programme - Registration of Interest


“Familiness” is a resource that can create uniqueness and a critical source of competitive advantage to a business.

Almost all companies start as family businesses, but only those that master the challenges intrinsic to this form of ownership endure growth, maintain collegiality and harmony as a family and achieve success in the business.

In the process, they transition successfully across generations and proceed to prosper and diversify into multi-location and multi-industry businesses.


Family-owned firms can be top-performing companies in their respective industries while nurturing the common identity and care within a family. But at the same time, they are at the risk of family hazards that can overspill and engulf them. Family relationships are a double-edged sword for the family business.

The strong network of family relationships, the clear and shared objectives among family members are key benefits, as they enable the family business to forge a strong identity and common purpose. Yet the closeness of family relationships can also lead to disaster, due to conflicts between family members, and the difficulty in managing the relationship between the family, the business and the ownership.

Programme Objective

The programme aims to impart on participants practical skills and best practice insights needed to sustain family businesses through generations.

Key Focus Areas

This programme will equip you in answering:

  • What is a family business strategy? How can it be linked with corporate business policies?
  • What is the foundation for a truly viable multi-generational family business?
  • What elements will keep harmony and balance in the family, and the business afloat through economic changes and generational changes?
  • What are the dynamics and links that affect the family, the business and ownership?
  • Has your family set up the policies and structures that guide the family and the business?
  • Has conflict been anticipated? Is there a conflict management policy?
  • How will the family entrepreneurial spirit be maintained as the family grows?
  • What risks does the family business face with family values in a rapidly changing society?
  • What is the family business succession plan? Is it documented?
  • As a leader how do I make siblings work together, hold the dream and maintain the legacy?
  • What drives and supports the sustainability of family-owned businesses?
  • What are the legal structures for succession planning?
  • What is proper governance and structuring in family-run businesses?

Target Participants

The programme is for family business founders, 2nd, 3rd and successive generation family members who are currently executive directors, non-executive directors and board members of their respective family businesses.

Chief executives and board-level senior managers of family businesses may also attend if accompanied by family members who are directors of the family business.

Programme Delivery

The Family Business Executive Programme will draw together a cross-cultural team of lecturers and practitioners and will focus on the African context of family businesses with best practice insights from world-renowned family business societies and countries.

The teaching style is modern, lively and engaging, deploying brief knowledge sessions, videos, topical cases and interactive dialogue sessions.

The programme will end in an interactive and exclusive roundtable session with top family business leaders and practitioners.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, following the Ministry of Health guidelines and measures, we have switched the mode of delivery for the Family Business Executive Programme to be virtual/ online.


There will be a two-month coaching programme per family.


John M. Wachira, Director, Magunas Supermarket

  • “Bringing other entrepreneurs/founders to share with us was very helpful. It helped us visualize a good or rather well-organized business and how to fight players that lead to its failure.”

Philip Ndehi, Director, St. Hannahs School

  • “The faculty were very knowledgeable and equipped with the right information”

Kahaki Muya-Muindi, Executive Director, Daykio Plantations

  • “This programme was very very relevant, a must-do for anyone and everyone in the family business who wants to take their business to the next level!”

Moses B. Mwabe, Business Developer, Environmental & Combustion Consultants

  • “The programme was just excellent.”

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Developing Great African Leaders

For more information on the programme or application process, write to Toroitich on or Cell: .+254 (0) 725 633 211

Key Details

Date:10th October – 14th November 2023

Cost:  KSH 115,000

Mode of Delivery: The program will take a hybrid version to cater for families who cannot attend the class physically.