Business Advisory Service Providers (BASPs) facilitate in structuring complex deals, mobilizing capital, and optimizing the inclusive growth business models required for Kenya to achieve its national and county-level growth needs. The (BASP) Network Capacity and Ecosystem Development programme will seek to leverage the role of BASPs across Kenya by addressing capacity gaps in pitching transactions and managing relations with financial institutions; matching client profile with the lender’s profile; BASP financial modeling and delivery of advisory services and the improvement of the BASP own revenue model (from transaction to transaction to a business stream).

The overall goal of the BASP Network Capacity and Ecosystem Development programme is to establish and institutionalize a framework for BASPs (those under KIM and beyond) to serve the needs of Kenya’s national and county-level investment growth goals.

Objectives of the Assignment

Strathmore Business School (SBS) will leverage its institutional experience and long history of business education, capabilities strong reputation and convening power within Kenya’s business community, and its management of the Kenya Small Business Development Center (Kenya-SBDC) to establish a targeted program of support for KIM’s BASPs. This will include a robust, customized curriculum, and programs to build cohesion within the BASP industry and connections with partners in the SME financing ecosystem. The intervention mechanisms by SBS will be designed to ensure the sustainability of the BASP ecosystem including a mechanism to continually upgrade the skills of its BASPs for the long-term to enhance profitability and sustainability of the network and the dynamism required to respond to changes in the SME financing and broader business advisory services market.

Planned Outcomes

SBS will undertake the following tasks:

  • An institutionalized certification programme at Strathmore University that responds to the institutional development needs of the BASPS. This programme will provide continuous training and institutionalize a trust mechanism for the BASPS.
  • Establish and institutionalize a BASP network. Establish and institutionalize a BASP network.
  • Establish a knowledge management platform to facilitate the management of the network and the certification programme
  • Leverage the systems available to Kenya SBDC to measure the impact of the BASP programme of SMEs. For example, the Neoserra CRM Software for SBDCs provides a mechanism that could be applied to assess the impact of BASP programme on the growth of SMEs.

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Key Details

Dates: 17th – 19th May 2023

Programme fee: A commitment fee of Ksh. 10,000 will be charged to successful participants


Winnie Omamo
Cell: +254 (0) 725 567696