Introduction To Team Executive Coaching


The objective of the team coaching service is to help equip management, at different levels, across the organization with coaching and mentoring skills to help them become more effective in developing their team and maximizing performance for all, building resilience in organizations and ensuring sustainability.

Delivery Structure

  1. High Standards:  The team coaching service approach is defined by International coach training standards as well as SBS rich experience in coaching, mentoring, and consulting.
  2. Virtual Coaching:  Coaching will be conducted online. The minimum number of coaching sessions allowed is four.
  3. Ideal Coach: Each team will be assigned a coach to help them on their application of the skills learnt in the workplace, with individuals and teams.
  4. Post-training Workplace Assessment:  A post-training workplace assessment (on-site or virtual) will be carried out 6 months later to assess the impact of the training on the identified leadership and performance gaps.

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37 International Coach Federation accredited coaches (from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania). Trained both locally and internationally

They all serve various levels of management as well as specialize in different types of coaching (one on one, team/group).

We have coaches who can deliver coaching in English, Kiswahili, French and other Eastern African languages.

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Topics Covered

Keeping Teams Engaged In A Virtual Setting
How people managers can steer their teams to remain productive in crises
Ensuring Business Continuity In Crises
What strategies can a business employ, collaboratively with teams to ensure the impact of any crisis is managed?
Empowering Teams
Differentiate coaching from managing (the command and control aspect) and why coaching is critical
Building A Coaching Culture For Effective Employee Engagement
This would explore the relationship between strong organizational coaching cultures and increased employee engagement
Performance In Digital Shift. What Managers Need To Do
Preparation for work disruption in the 21st Century dynamics

Developing Great African Leaders

For more information on individual coaching write to Francis on

or call +254 (0) 721 519 405.

Why Strathmore University Business School
Strathmore University Business School coaching subscribes wholly to the Ethical Guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as the Standards of Practice as outlined in the Core Competencies of the ICF.

These include setting ethical and contractual foundations, co-creating coaching relationships, communicating effectively, and facilitating learning and results.

In addition, we have:

  • Internationally accredited Coaches providing world-class coaching standard
  • Practical application of the skills in real workplace/life scenarios
  • Monitoring and evaluation by the Coaching office to assess coaching effectiveness
  • A wide range of accredited coaches to choose from
  • One on one attention offered by the Coach to address specific needs and support the Coachee in their learning
  • Coaching with a renowned and respected brand in the Region – Strathmore University Business School
  • Post-training impact assessment on self and organization

Our trusted brand and its emphasis on professionalism coupled with sound and tested means of measuring impact set us apart from many coaching providers.
Companies Coached
  • ABSA Africa
  • Platcorp East Africa
  • Multichoice Kenya
  • Multichoice Tanzania
  • Nation Media Group, Kenya
  • Financial Sector Deepening (FSD – UKAid)
  • Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA – UKAid)
  • FSDA/SBS Caching Market-Building Partnership
  • International Livestock Institute (ILRI) Institutional Leadership Capacity Building
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Management Science for Health
  • Safaricom
  • Barclays Bank TZ
  • Nairobi Women’s Hospital
  • I&M Bank Rwanda