Kenya, East Africa and Africa currently present numerous opportunities for global policy research and training. Strathmore University Business School (SBS) Institute of Public Policy and Governance (IPPG) is looking to grow into the leading school in the East African Region over the next decade.

Areas of focus within global policy

  1. Public policy and legislation in the Cooperatives Sector
  2. Public Policy capacity building across sectors
  3. Public policy and negotiations for both government and other stakeholders.
  4. Technology and Innovation Management
  5. Digital learning policy at national level and international comparisons
  6. Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals

Value proposition

  • Firstly, Kenya is looking to grow into an Economic Powerhouse. The growth plans for the country are anchored in Vision 2030. The country has also demonstrated a strong commitment to the sustainability agenda.
  • Secondly, with regards to the East African Region, the African Continent and the world, Kenya is an engine of economic growth, an anchor of stability and a hotbed of innovation.

Gaps within the policy field

  • However, there are some gaps within the field that will constrain the country’s growth:
    • Firstly, death of Local knowledge on the most important challenges which Kenya and the other East African Countries face.
    • Secondly, inadequate and inappropriate local training in resulting in low capacity of the people responsible for critical decisions in the context of Africa
    • Thirdly, low number of qualified  professionals despite a growing local and global demand in line with requirements of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 (devolution, governance, ethics), Vision2030, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Therefore, SIPPG seeks to play a crucial role in filling these gaps by way of the envisioned strategy and related activities.

On-going global policy research projects 

  • Landscape, farming and community in Elgeyo-Marakwet, Kenya
  • Building resilience to Climate Change, Mau Complex
  • Prosperity and Innovation in the Past and Future of Agriculture in Eastern Africa: Investigations into farmer led innovation in western Kenya

Senior researchers within the global policy hub

  1. Robert Mudida
  2. Jacqueline McGlade
  3. Bernadette Wanjala
  4. Thomas Kibua
  5. Elizabeth Muthuma