The Center for Research on Organizations, Work and Family (CROWF) is a research institution within Strathmore Business School that has the task of developing strategies that help organizations in Kenya improve employee retention, commitment and personality through enabling employee engagement.


  1. To conduct research to evaluate the work-family-business interface among persons, families and society in general.
  2. To develop and grow a network of scholars in work-family-business research through academic colloquia and events.
  3. To attend related research meetings and events organized by universities, centers with similar aims.
  4. To encourage and participate with public administrations the drafting and implementation of legislation and policies that facilitate work-family balance.
  5. To communicate and promote human resource management practices which facilitate work and family balance through research forums, practitioners’ seminars (CEO/HR Forums) and specialized courses.
  6. To grow partnerships with industry, academia, government and civil society to see the contribution of the family in work and business and to promote a culture of work-family balance.
  7. To facilitate research to demonstrate the contribution and need of family businesses to the economy. 

Areas of focus

  1. Corporate Family Responsibility studies through running and evaluating the outcomes of Family Responsible Employers Index (IFREI) 4 tool.
  2. Effect of Family Enrichment and Character Education on parenting and developmental outcomes on children
  3. Trends confronting work-family balance.
  4. Development and implementation of the National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection.
  5. National State of Family Research.
  6. Organize academic colloquia and communicate research findings.
  7. Impact of family businesses in the economy and
  8. Promotion of a culture of family businesses. 

Value proposition

By using the practical output gained from various activities and collaborations (e.g. with PFD, Government of Kenya, Executive Education and Family Scholars Colloquia, to assist and engage persons, families and companies see the connection on how the family enables work, organizations, businesses and society in general to thrive by conducting and disseminating research on this.

On-going research projects

  1. Analysis of Program for Family Development on Data on its Family Enrichment Programmes for the period 2013-2019.
  2. Analysis of Program for Family Development Data on its Maisha@UNI Formation in Character Education program for the period 2020.
  3. Revival of the African Research Network on Work and Family (ARNWF)

Senior researchers within the hub

  1. Dr. George Njenga.
  2. Raymond Mutura