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Financing of Agribusiness Value Chains Programme Overview

Agricultural production has always been considered a risky business yet one with high returns. Farmers or agripreneurs are faced with various challenges ranging from unpredictable climatic conditions, pests and diseases, lack external support services and markets for agricultural products. Access to finance remains one of the critical obstacles for economic development and growth, especially for farmers and small enterprises in developing countries.

Agricultural financing has always been difficult for a variety of reasons including high transaction costs, high risk, asymmetric information, unfavourable economic policies, lack of guarantees and poor infrastructure especially in rural areas where most production happens. Formal financial intermediaries feel more comfortable dealing with clients who have removed two major risks (secured marketing outlet and access to quality technical advice) and just have to confront production and operational risks. However, even with attendant risks, the agricultural food production and trade continues to rise as the market gets integrated into rapid supply chain integration and establishment of clear value chains in crop and livestock enterprises.

Agricultural value chains entail the various activities that are undertaken to ensure a food product moves from the farm to the fork or to a finished product. These activities include: input supply (like seeds, fertilizers and herbicides), production activities, packaging, processing, distribution, storage (warehousing), wholesaling, machinery and support and  advisory services. This chain of activities then presents opportunities to financiers to spread the risk across the value chains and also create more business opportunities along the value chains. Anchor firms in the value chain are also able to access finance and on-lent to those players within their chains.

Understanding the agricultural value chains financing can greatly improve the availability of credit to the agricultural enterprises and reduce the risks of lending. It also provides an opportunity to design tailor made financial products for various actors along the value chain.

Financing of Agribusiness Value Chains Programme Objective

This training programme aims to provide trainees with a general understanding of agricultural value chain finance. The program seeks to impart working knowledge and actionable insights to agribusiness lenders, risk managers, credit officers, lawyers and investors non-Governmental agencies in agribusiness, policy makers and other interested stakeholders in the value chain financing.

Financing of Agribusiness Value Chains Programme Target Participants

The programme attracts an array of stakeholders in agribusiness including (but not limited to):

  • Agribusiness investment managers
  • Agribusiness risk managers
  • Lenders to the agribusiness sector
  • Credit officers
  • Relationship managers
  • Accountants and lawyers
  • Investors
  • Auditors
  • Policymakers in the agribusiness space
  • Non- Governmental and Governmental agencies in the agribusiness sector

Financing of Agribusiness Value Chains Programme  Benefits

After attending this programme, participants should be able to:

  • understand the agricultural sector dynamics in depth
  • understand the financing needs of agribusiness investors
  • acquire relevant knowledge and skills to be able to grow your agribusiness loan book by exploiting all the opportunities within the agribusiness sector
  • develop effective market intelligence techniques for the agribusiness sector exploration
  • acquire skills to enable you to develop relevant and market-driven agribusiness loan products
  • Make use of effective monitoring and control metrics
  • Proactively exploit agribusiness opportunities within your market niche

Financing of Agribusiness Value Chains Programme Key Focus Areas

  • Understanding the agribusiness lending space in East Africa,
  • Understanding the farmers’ mindset to agrifinance, opportunities and challenges in value chain financing,
  • Developing appropriate agribusiness financing products,
  • Risk assessment and mitigation in value chain financing,
  • Developing a robust value chain financing strategy.

Programme Topics

  • Principles of agribusiness lending
  • Understanding the East African agribusiness landscape and its dynamics
  • Types of agribusiness loans
  • Risk management in agribusiness lending
  • Facility monitoring, control, and recovery of agribusiness financing products
  • Structure of commodity financing
  • The economic environment in agribusiness
  • Emerging issues and market environmental concerns
  • Being an effective trainer in agribusiness lending
  • Types of agribusiness loans and facilities
  • Lending to Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations (SACCOs) in agribusiness
  • Grants management for agribusiness
  • The role of the NGO sector in promoting agribusiness

Financing of Agribusiness Value Chains Programme Delivery

The programme will be delivered for 7 days and facilitated by experienced faculty and industry experts.

It will employ a combination of interactive lectures, discussions, reflections, and case studies.

The case methodology as a learning technique gives participants a chance to analyse real scenarios and participate in collaborative problem-solving.

The mode of delivery is online.


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Key Details

Dates: 24 – 27 September 2024

Cost: Physical attendance – Kshs 95,000 | Virtual attendance – Kshs 50,800

Mode  of Delivery: Hybrid


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