Media reports often highlight challenges in the public sector, such as inefficiencies, rights abuses, and a disconnect with citizens.

A strong governance framework, emphasizing the rule of law, inclusion, transparency, collaboration, and participation is critical to improve the quality of a society. Effective leadership, informed policy-making, and partnerships are key to achieving this vision. Public sector leaders need to embody these principles, inspire their teams, and build trust with citizens.

Strathmore University’s Institute of Public Policy and Governance (IPPG) is committed to strengthening public sector leadership in Africa.

Programme Objective

This course is designed to support public sector leaders in Africa in aligning with Agenda 2063‘s objectives.

It focuses on strengthening governance skills and enhancing the efficiency of African governments.

Participants will also gain insights into ethical leadership and key governance values.

Target Participants

The programme is designed for both Public and Private Sector Leaders in African countries who are involved in critical decision making in the making of public policy and its implementation.

These includes Government officials:

  • PS, Secretaries, and directors;
  • Parastatal officials: CEO, Directors, and Senior managers;
  • County Governments like CEC, County Executives Committee members, Chief Officers.

Participants will be selected based on professional achievements and organizational responsibilities.

Key Benefits

Elevate your leadership capabilities and strategic insights with our comprehensive programme tailored for African governance. The following are the benefits:

  • Practical insights into Agenda 2063
  • Guidance from renowned policy and leadership experts
  • Networking opportunities
  • Focus on enhancing ethics in leadership
  • Strategies for improving efficiency and effectiveness in African governance

Key Focus Areas

Participants will cover the following areas:

  • ESG Materiality and Reporting Frameworks
  • ESG Leadership and Governance
  • Shared Value Creation
  • IFRS Sustainability-related Disclosures in Kenya
  • Sustainable Finance-ESG & Impact Investing
  • ESG Strategic Communication
  • ESG Data Management

Admission Requirements

To be considered for a place on this programme, the following criteria must be met:

  • Senior leaders of Health from Public, Private, and non-governmental organizations

Programme Delivery

This programme utilises a combination of learning aids and approaches such as pre-reading materials, lectures, syndicate group discussions and peer group learning.

The mode of delivery is in-person at the SBS Nairobi Campus.


The programme is delivered by a top-tier faculty and industry experts in sustainable business strategy, ESG integration, and stakeholder engagement.

Through their extensive experience and practical insights, participants gain invaluable knowledge to drive positive change within their organizations.

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Developing Great African Leaders

Key Details

Dates: 24 – 28 June 2024

Mode: In-person

Cost (In-person): Kshs 100,000

For more information on the programme contact Linet on:

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