Women in Health Leadership


Our Work

The overall objective of the project is to drive organizational change with regards to the career advancement of women in leadership within Kenya’s health sector. The focus shall be understanding the extent to which contextual factors within the organizational domain i.e., policies, leadership, culture, and structure constrain or promote the advancement of women from mid-to-senior level leadership positions. With this understanding, then the project implementation team shall undertake advocacy efforts and interventions that are anticipated to remedy the status quo.


Our Impact

Project Title: Driving Country level change, Kenya.

Purpose: To advance women’s leadership in the Kenyan health sector through organizational and systems change efforts.

Project Workstreams

Consortium leadership
and project management

Locally driven and
nationally relevant advocacy

Locally centered
organizational change

Our Partners

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the main funder of this Project, effective 1st November 2022, the project will run over a period of three years.

Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF)
Relevant County Governments and Health Ministries
Health Professional and Trade Associations
Private and Civil Society Organizations


For more information, please write to:
The Project team on wihlproject@strathmore.edu

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