Food scarcity is not a new phenomenon. Food imports into Africa since 2014 have been estimated at USD 50 Billion. Poor utilization of available arable land fit for agricultural production, post-harvest losses estimated at 40%, declining productivity, farm degradation and poor production management are all challenges that investors in agribusiness are faced with. Investing in Agribusiness – Primary Production Programme is the program

Other key challenges investors face include difficulty in marketing their produce, managing their farms while working in cities, evaluating viable agribusiness enterprises to venture into, accessing funding from financiers for their agribusiness ventures and falling prey to “fake” consultants, which results in huge investment losses.

The Investing in Agribusiness Primary Production Programme will seek to explore various ways of creating wealth in agricultural production, by addressing the various challenges that face primary production investors, and will provide access to financing as well as routes to markets.

The programme is also designed to help potential investors develop the right agribusiness investment ideas, equip themselves with research skills in a dynamic sector, develop viable business plans and manage their farm working capital.

Target Participants for the Investing in Agribusiness – Primary Production Programme

This programme is designed for Investment Groups (Chamas), co-operatives, individuals, companies in primary production, current farmers in primary production agriculture, government executives, non-government policy advisors and aspiring investors.

Investing in Agribusiness – Primary Production Programme Delivery

The programme will be delivered in two modules that incorporate a mixture of class sessions and farm visits. In addition, the programme will seek to expose the participants to successful entrepreneurs in the production field as well as experts in the financing field and potential buyers.

Key Benefits for Investing in Agribusiness – Primary Production Programme

Participants will be able to:

  • Explore market sector data on production value chains
  • Develop practical farm plan and business plan for funding if need be
  • Understand your products route to market
  • Understand the factors to consider in selecting a farming enterprise
  • Understand how to hedge risks in agribusiness
  • Understand how to structure and manage labour in your farm
  • Understand the opportunities in agribusiness production
  • Get an opportunity to network with top agribusiness entrepreneurs in the various sectors

We have developed over time of programmes to help healthcare leaders and managers cope with this ever-changing landscape.

Institute of Healthcare Management

Key Focus Areas for Investing in Agribusiness – Primary Production Programme

  • Farm Labour Management
  • Farm layout design and management
  • Structuring your finances
  • Production planning and management
  • Opportunites in agribusiness production
  • Successful Contract Production: producers’ perspective
  • Successful Contract Production: buyers’ perspective
  • Business modelling and Strategy Formation
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Fundable agribusiness business plans
  • Hedging risk in agribusiness
  • The Route to Market: Local sales & Contract Farming


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Key Details

Module I: 26 – 28 March 2024 (Class sessions)

Module II: 24 – 26 July 2024 (Farm visits)

Cost: Kshs. 95,000


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“I gained the confidence to get into full time commercial farming on my 20 acres of land. In the past year I have increased my harvest from 1.32 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes per harvest per acre, and this year I plan to increase my production by expanding my farm.”

~ Alex Muinde, primary producer, Kitui County

Investing in Agribusiness Primary Production (IAPP)

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