The diversity to the healthcare industry and its importance has been highlighted during these times more than any other in history. The key driver of this industry is the patient. The point of care and the facilities for access to healthcare for the patient, are usually run with the intention of sustainability. While healthcare facilities are often owned and managed by healthcare practitioners, the full range of necessary skill sets is neither taught as part of medical, pharmacy or nursing education nor acquired through experience. The reality is a mix of passion to serve the patient, with the struggle to run the healthcare facility or professional practice sustainably.

The Foundations of Managing Healthcare Business Executive Programme at SBS builds on a combination of the established strength of business leadership, management and entrepreneurship courses offered by subject matter experts, as well as experiential learning through industry leaders with local, regional and international perspectives.

Further, the programme, provides a platform for participants in need of focused coaching, access to finance for expansion and or working capital needs, experiential networking with like-minded healthcare and non-healthcare entrepreneurs and strategic growth development processing – to converge their content expectations and their call-to-action outcomes.

Programme Objective

The programme seeks to provide participants with a reliable approach to running their healthcare businesses sustainably. Practical knowledge of core business, managerial, entrepreneurial and financial skills as a means towards strengthening and improving the survival and growth of their healthcare businesses.

There is also a deliberate focus on the healthcare business owner to enhance their ability to get a life-work-balance, a return on investment for the time and effort they put into their healthcare business. To allow the healthcare business owner to gradually move from employee/owner status to investor/owner status and eventually to investor/investor status.

Subject Highlights

The programme will shed light on the key questions at the heart of running a Healthcare Business: these will focus on the Healthcare Entrepreneur and the Healthcare Business they are running.

Target Participants

This programme is targeted towards startups and owner employees in the healthcare business.

Programme Structure

The programme is offered in one 5-day module which is all hybrid (face-to-face & online).

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is available for participants during the course duration.

World-Class Faculty

SBS’ faculty members have requisite qualifications that ensure the rich experience of a participant. PhD content developers from leading universities and who reflect different nationalities with exposure to international healthcare business models; experiential healthcare and related non-healthcare business owners, who have a unique perspective on today’s complex healthcare business landscape.

Through the integrated expertise, participants gain a comprehensive view of healthcare business, with the distinct needs of healthcare business leaders in Africa kept sharply in focus.

You will meet recognized thought leaders, skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, among others. They will empower you to become the visionary leader in your career, your organization, and the global economy demand.

Classroom discussions provide conceptual frameworks for effective decision making, along with practical tools for real-life.

Why Study Foundations of Managing Healthcare Business Executive Programme at SBS?

  • Participant-centered learning
  • Flexible learning experience
  • Build successful networks
  • Expert faculty with sector experience
  • Executive coaching
  • Institutional improvement projects
  • World-class facilities
  • A chance to get real time solutions to ‘headache’ type business problems

Programme Impact

The Foundations of Managing Healthcare Business Executive programme, like all SBS programmes, focuses on the person, benefiting him and, in extension, the healthcare institution for which he or she works.

This programme will enable you to:

The Entrepreneur

  • Experience true transformation through virtue
  • Gain an understanding of how to run a sustainable healthcare business
  • Build personal and professional networks with like-minded individuals
  • Define the status of your application to the healthcare business – from employee/owner to owner/investor and eventually investor/investor

The Healthcare Business

  • Gain a firm understanding of your current healthcare business – what works and what needs to change
  • Apply core principles of building your healthcare business beyond survival
  • Develop a sound healthcare business growth strategy
  • Develop the capacity to negotiate your healthcare business expansion opportunities

Programme Delivery

  • The programme consists of one module spread over 5 days. The program is held in the SBS campus in Nairobi, Kenya and online. The delivery is hybrid i.e., in person and virtually. Participants are awarded a certificate upon completion of the programme.
  • The desire to see a change in an entrepreneur’s life and in the way they handle their healthcare business, has influenced the flexible design of the Foundations of Managing Healthcare Business Executive programme. The, with an introspective approach aimed at providing real time solutions whilst interrogating where the gap is, offers a healthcare entrepreneur a unique opportunity to undertake substantial learning and development that can be fitted into their professional and personal life, as well as their healthcare business.

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Key Details

Date: 11 – 15 November  2024

Modules: 1 module over 5 days

The programme will be offered to people with 0-2 years experience in running healthcare business. This programme is all hybrid (face-to-face & online).

Cost: Between KES 95,000


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