The Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) continues to play a leading role in research and research capacity strengthening within the Business School. Firstly, it is also involved in the design and execution of world class Academic and Executive training Programmes. Secondly, Institute of Healthcare Management is involved in securing scholarships, PhD training slots, various ongoing and inception-stage research projects and publications. In addition, it secures its mandate through close collaboration with several universities, donors and research institutes both locally and abroad. Apart from these activities, IHM is working with collaborators to find resources to help with the establishment of the Strathmore School of Global Public Healthcare.

Areas of focus

  1. Universal Healthcare in Kenya. Current subtopics include level of preparedness, Availability of essential medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Funding utilization Efficiency assessment for Illnesses such as HIV AIDS, Malaria and TB.
  3. African Digital Diagnostics Platform, to significantly improve access and quality of laboratory and diagnostic healthcare services for low-income populations in sub-Saharan Africa
  4. Building knowledge and systems to promote availability of Blood for Transfusion at the points of critical need.
  5. Preparedness of Kenya Healthcare system for the exit of Development Partner (Donor) support.
  6. Sociotechnical Approaches to Road Safety.
  7. Covid-19 Supply Chain challenges.
  8. Availability of essential medicines

Value proposition  

IHM has and will continue to provide solutions to national and international healthcare and development issues through research, consultancies, seminars, policy development and most importantly student and faculty exchanges.

We will facilitate the establishment of a research Chair in logistics at Strathmore University through strategic partnerships with industry, development partners and relevant healthcare philanthropic organizations. 

On-going research projects

  1. Pathways for innovation in Blood Transfusion Systems in Kenya (PITS Kenya).Funder: NIH (NHLBI). Research to enhance availability of safe blood for patients with severe anaemia and hemorrhagic conditions in LMICs.
  2. Multiple first-line treatment of uncomplicated malaria. Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)
  3. Systems thinking approach to developing an integrated and patient-centered intervention model for multimorbidity care in primary healthcare  settings in India.  Funder: MRC
  4. A systems approach to examining healthcare sector responses to Cholera epidemics in Kenya HSRI. MRC £195,871 October 2019 July 2021.
  5. Driving Healthcare Progress During Donor Transition in Kenya. Policy dialogue discussion of implications of donor transitions on Kenya’s ability to fund key areas of health service delivery

Senior researchers within the hub

  1. Prof. Gilbert Kokwaro (Hub Leader)
  2. Dr. Frank Wafula
  3. Dr. Pratap Kumar
  4. Dr. Joseph Onyango
  5. Dr. Ben Ngoye