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Managers and leaders who use the coach approach to management and leadership are better equipped to develop their team members’ value to their organizations, as well as influence their career paths.

The application of coaching skills positively impacts manager-employee relationships with managers and leaders who employ coaching skills have better-engaged employees.

Our Executive Coaches help leaders and managers at all levels navigate personal and professional/business challenges.

Topics Covered

Managing Crisis

  • Decision making, managing conflicting priorities, managing people, leading through volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)

Creating Opportunities In Crisis

  • Making the most use of crisis and the opportunities it presents, instead of lamenting


  • How can a manager get optimal performance from the people they manage?

Stress Management, Wellness And Work-Life Balance

  • Balancing the demands at work and at home. How one goes towards managing the priorities?
  • How do I look after myself my team during this time?
  • Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming during a crisis. How does one develop coping skills in such a setting?

Coaching For Career Planning And Career Transition

  • How do you take the next move based on your personality and colour?
  • What does performance mean in digital transformation age?

Delivery Structure

  1. High Standards:  The executive coaching service for individuals’ approach is defined by International coach training standards as well as SBS rich experience in coaching, mentoring, and consulting.
  2. Virtual Coaching:  Coaching will be conducted online. The minimum number of coaching sessions allowed is six.
  3. Ideal Coach:  Once you place your request for a coach, we will contact you on the ideal coach and logistics for the sessions.


37 International Coach Federation accredited coaches (from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania). Trained both locally and internationally.

They all serve various levels of management as well as specialize in different types of coaching (one on one, team/group).

We have coaches who can deliver coaching in English, Kiswahili, French and other Eastern African languages.

Why Strathmore University Business School

Strathmore University Business School coaching subscribes wholly to the Ethical Guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as the Standards of Practice as outlined in the Core Competencies of the ICF.

These include setting ethical and contractual foundations, co-creating coaching relationships, communicating effectively, and facilitating learning and results.

Our trusted brand and its emphasis on professionalism coupled with sound and tested means of measuring impact set us apart from many coaching providers.

In addition, we have:

  • Internationally accredited Coaches providing world-class coaching standard
  • Practical application of the skills in real workplace/life scenarios
  • Monitoring and evaluation by the Coaching office to assess coaching effectiveness
  • A wide range of accredited coaches to choose from
  • One on one attention offered by the Coach to address specific needs and support the Coachee in their learning
  • Coaching with a renowned and respected brand in the Region – Strathmore University Business School

Developing Great African Leaders

Key Details

Mode of Delivery: Online

For more information on individual coaching write to coaching@strathmore.edu or call +254 (0) 730 034 596.

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