This programme enables organisations and businesses to develop and enhance future fit capabilities that will support their relevance and sustainability in a 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) World where change is accelerating and where many disruptive forces are at play and multiple crises are likely to abound for the foreseeable future.


This programme is designed to develop and enhance future-fit capabilities in executives to enable organisations to maintain relevance and remain sustainable in a 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) World.

The programme intends to address the execution gap in complex unstable systems where technology is accelerating, and human factors are more important than ever.

What being Future-Fit looks like:

Enable Senior executives to explore what being future fit looks like on 3 levels:

  1. Self-leadership
  2. Team leadership and
  3. Enterprise leadership

Programme Objectives

Enable Senior executives to explore what being future fit looks like on 3 levels: self-leadership, team leadership and enterprise leadership by:

  1. Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses in terms of specific future fit executive leadership attributes. This will be through a series of psychometric assessments run by an assessment psychologist ahead of the programme.
  2. Applying practical frameworks such as systems thinking, scenario-based planning and design thinking frameworks to unleash the full potential of your executive team to be high trust, ethical, diverse, inclusive, high performing, agile and adaptable to a constantly changing context.
  3. Exploring the implications of various mega-trends affecting the context of organisations and companies. The impact on strategy, culture, operating models, organisation design, risk, and brand management?
  4. Applying the learning from the programme through an action learning process in service of an SME in syndicate teams.

Target Participants

This programme targets (but is not limited to) senior management executives in public and private sector organisations.

Given the Action Learning Approach and structure of the programme, the numbers are limited. The audience is diverse as possible by sector, organisation, function, geography, gender and age.

Key Focus Areas

The Future Fit Executive Leadership Programme will aim to give delegates insight and growth in the domain of the following future fit attributes:

  1. Tolerance for ambiguity
  2. Creative and innovative
  3. Collaborative (cross-boundaries)
  4. Resilient
  5. Self-aware and self-regulating
  6. Future focused and inspirational
  7. Growth mindset
  8. Adaptable and agile
  9. Compassionate and empathic
  10. Courageous
  11. Technology orientation
  12. Ethical, inclusive, and diverse


1. Future-Fit Self Leadership:

  • Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses in terms of specific future fit executive leadership attributes
  • Creating psychological safety to boost trust and collaboration
  • Exploring ethics, diversity, equity, and inclusion at the personal core
  • The neuroscience of self-awareness and regulation to resolve conflict productively

2. Future-Fit Team leadership :

  • Building a high-performing executive team
  • Systems thinking to solve complex problems
  • Embedding design thinking, innovation, and agility in your executive team

3. Future fit Enterprise Leadership :

  • Overview of mega trends
  • Scenario-based strategy development
  • New future fit business and operating models such as platform businesses
  • The evolution of ESG and shared value (ethical, purpose-driven leadership)
  • Reimagining risk management using technology

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop scenario-based strategies that allow for multi-modal responses in a VUCA world
  • create organisations that can thrive in an exponential world
  • develop and enhance creative thinking, and its application when innovating through rapid changes
  • gain a practical understanding of specific design thinking methodologies for developing new products and services in an agile and ethical manner
  • understand and enhance techniques for telling impactful stories to get support for thinking or initiatives with stakeholders
  • understand how to use reliable methodologies for entering a messy, unstructured, complex situation and making sense of it rapidly so that they gain a systemic understanding of the situation they need to manage
  • understand the execution problem and how to overcome it so that strategies are believable and implementable
  • execute strategy and change projects in a disciplined way
  • gain a deeper understanding of the commissioning crisis and how to overcome it
  • learn quickly in any complex situation so that they encounter and develop confidence that they can bring about meaningful change and high impact
  • understand the difference between complicated and complex projects
  • gain a practical understanding of the systems’ dynamics underpinning collaboration and how to utilise this to create a functional organisation
  • understand the power of psychological safety to unlock people’s best thinking and how to facilitate learning through giving and receiving feedback

Programme Delivery

6 days face-to-face starting on Friday with a possible Smart City/Tech immersion on the Saturday.

Monday to Friday the following week.

The mode of delivery for the Future-Fit Executive Programme is in-person.

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Key Details

Date: 14 – 18 October 2024

Mode of Delivery: In-Person

Cost: Kshs. 274,000


For more information or application, please contact Robert Ireri:

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