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Being a board director was once an easy role to play in the twilight of one’s career. Modern directorships are not to be taken lightly, but they often are. It is a job without a description, a journey without an orientation. These days it is a position undergoing intense scrutiny and change with great demands attached. At the end of the day, members of the board of directors carry the final responsibility for the success or failure of the organization.

The board of directors is a critical instrument of governance and plays a key role in economic development in both the public and private sectors. Research shows that the board effectiveness is dependent on a variety of factors: the orientation of new board members, procedures for board training and development, board room discussion and participation, formal board member appraisal, remuneration of board members and timeliness in making decisions. Ideally, a board should comprise good ethical leaders who are mentally aggressive, value time, are intrinsically motivated and open to regular evaluation as a tool for improvement.

The Effective Director’s Programme (TED) is a path-breaking programme that covers the work of the board and seeks to add value to the contribution of individual directors.

The programme is designed to address these and other contemporary paramount issues in boards.

Programme Objectives

The Effective Director Programme  aims to impart participants with a strong understanding of the directorship role, the skills he or she must bring into play and the styles and nuances of their behavior on boards.

The Effective Director Programme will concentrate on board best practice and the structure and nature of modern progressive boards. Moreover, it will focus on how individual directors add real value to boards and how to enhance their contributions.

It also aims to provide a refreshing, lively and interactive forum for genuine learning about this most important of positions.

Programme Benefits

By the end of the Effective Director Programme, you should be able to have:

  • An appreciation of how boards have evolved in recent years, and of the responsibility board membership carries
  • A clear understanding of board best practice, and the structure and nature of modern progressive boards
  • A critical assessment of how individual directors add real value to boards, and how to enhance your contribution
  • Recognition of the range of challenges directors must address, and how to manage them
  • Fruitful interaction and networking amongst a high-powered peer group

Participant Profile

  • Directors of publicly listed corporations
  • Directors of private companies
  • Directors of government-owned enterprises
  • Directors of not-for-profit organisations
  • Chief executives and senior executives aspiring to board entry
  • Owners of fast-growing enterprises seeking to build boards of directors in their organisations

Key Focus Areas for the Effective Director Programme

  • Governance in Africa
  • Board structures and processes
  • Financial oversight – the heart of the board’s work
  • The Individual Director – how to add value
  • Board dynamics based on leadership style
  • Teamwork and relationships on boards
  • Big Data: The role of the Board in harnessing critical internal assets
  • Critical issues facing boards today
  • The Board in Crisis – an interactive case study discussion

The Effective Director Programme Delivery

This two-and-a-half-day non-residential programme utilizes a combination of learning aids and approaches such as pre-reading materials, lectures, syndicate group discussions and peer group learning.

The Effective Director Programme  provides a refreshing, lively and interactive forum for genuine learning about this most important of positions.

The Effective Director Programme Structure

The Effective Director is a 3-day programme that rides on the principles and lessons that will be accrued from case studies, group discussions and business videos.

Apart from the well-versed faculty team that has been carefully selected to close the gaps encountered in the world of board directorship, participants will get to learn more from insights shared by seasoned board members from across the industries through a special round table session usually conducted on the last day of the programme.

Some of the areas that will be tackled include, the 21st Century Boards and what new-age challenges they have to tackle, teamwork and relationships on boards, adding significant value as an individual among others.


The Effective Director Programme is delivered by a high-powered faculty team consisting of East African governance thought leaders.

As a result, classroom discussions provide conceptual frameworks for effective decision making, along with practical tools for real-life implementation.

Admission Requirements for the Effective Director Programme

Admission to this exclusive programme is based on professional achievement, demonstrated leadership, organizational responsibility and the candidate’s potential for future contribution to the economy.

Consideration is confined to current members of the board of directors, and to those likely to enter the board soon. Payment is expected upon admission.

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Developing Great African Leaders

Key Details

Dates: 11 – 13 June 2024

Cost: Kshs. 238,000

Mode of Delivery: In-Person

For more information or application, please contact: Denis Omumbwa via:

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