Successful organizations have a solid grant management programme that starts long before any grant is awarded. Grant management includes strategic planning, efficient grant design, program development and effective tracking, and having sufficient resources to smoothly manage the process.

Grants management is a key activity in Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), State Corporations and other Donor funded institutions. Most teams aim to use limited resources optimally and efficiently to achieve maximum impact.

This course is designed to build the confidence and skills of participants on the best practices and nurture essential skills of effective grants management i.e. monitoring your project, accountability, complying with grant regulations and how to prevent your organization from the challenges both legal and administrative that result from poor grants management.

Programme Objective

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and implementation of good grants management. It will equip participants with a strong understanding of the primary functional areas of grants management.

The grants management cycle will also be explored in depth.

Target Audience

Top and Middle-level managers of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), State Corporations and other donor-funded institutions.

It is also suitable for professionals keen on learning how to manage grants responsibly.

Programme Delivery

The delivery of the course employs a combination of interactive lectures, discussions, reflections and case studies delivered by grants experts (both academics and practitioners).

The case methodology as a learning technique gives participants a chance to analyse real scenarios, and participate in collaborative problem-solving.

The mode of delivery is  In-person at the SBS Campus.

Programme Structure

  1. Introduction: Fundamentals of Grants Management
  2. Grant Management Cycle, Roles, Responsibilities and Requirements:
    • Planning
    • Proposal Submission
    • Award of Grant
    • Implementation
    • Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Amendments
    • Reporting
    • Closeout
  3. Types of Grants, Applications and the Obligating Documents:
    • In-kind
    • Standard
    • Mixed
  4. Compliance:
    • Who to comply with and areas of compliance
      • Donor compliance
      • Legislative compliance
      • Accounting Standards and Practices
      • Community and cultural Compliance
    • Key Departmental Compliance Areas in Donor Fund Management:
      • Financial Reporting and Documentation
      • Procurement Procedures
      • Travel and Per diems
      • Human Resource Management
      • M&E and Impact Assessment
  5. Contract Amendments:
    • Types of Amendments
    • Necessitating Reasons
    • How to manage and carry through successfully
  6. Reporting:
    • Financial
    • Narrative
    • Evaluations
    • Amendments
  7. Internal Control Systems:
    • Procedures & Processes
    • Risks and mitigation
  8. Fundraising, budgeting and costing
  9. Partnerships & Consortia:
    • Reasons
    • Managing
    • Problem areas to watch
  10. Co-Financing and Multi-Donor Funding:
    • Sources and reasons
    • Managing the intricacies varied compliance issues
    • Own/community cost contribution

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Key Details

Date: May 2023.

Cost: Kshs. 95,000 per participant

Mode of Delivery: In-Person at the SBS Campus

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