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The Africa Media Hub founding principles recognize that Economic, Financial and Data journalism can help change the poverty narrative in Africa and by creating a convergence between the private sector, policy makers, media and academia through effective use of Data for making decisions. In addition, the Hub therefore exists to Improve Business and Finance Reporting to provide in-depth data analysis stories and better inform the continent and the world economy.

Areas of focus

  1. Enhancement of Business Journalism
  2. Datafication of social and economic activities in East Africa
  3. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  4. Mobilization of dissemination of SBS research in mainstream business media (example: The Edge of the Nation media group.
  5. Training and Capacity building and resources for journalists, communication experts and other professionals.
  6. Research collaboration on the ethical dilemmas of digitizing the finance industry

Value proposition  

The following is Africa Media Hub’s value proposition:

  1. The hub seeks to widen partnerships and networks;
  2. The hub also seeks to help the institute to clearly link its vision on matters related to Data revolution and ground our role of academia;
  3. To digitize its work for easy access and strengthen capacity internally and externally;
  4. To link the institution’s work on the use of technology and data and making it possible for a large portion of low-income people to be visible in areas such as; participation, engagement and decision-making especially in line with SDG’s
  5. Reposition the African Continent by reclaiming the African Narrative;

On-going research projects 

  1. Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA)project on Business Journalism
  2. Research on Peace and conflict.
  3. Research and Publication for The Edge magazine of the Nation Media Group
  4. Digital Content and Use
  5. New training areas for research and media.

Senior researchers within the hub

  1. Ms. Rosemary Okello-Orlale
  2. Ms. Christine Mwangi

Our Programmes

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