The negotiation process is a part of every manager’s day-to-day activities with people inside and outside the organisation, people whose cooperation is essential to attain your goals. A good negotiation leaves each party satisfied and ready to do business with each other again. Your approach should foster goodwill, regardless of the differences in party interests. Consider for a moment what percentage of your working day you will spend negotiating.

Approaching business negotiations with a creative mindset will not only preserve a relationship but also add significant value for both sides creating win-win solutions.

Negotiation is pervasive in our daily activities whether personal or business.


The Master Negotiator Programme will focus on equipping you with the right tools to help you achieve successful negotiation outcomes in the business environment e.g. successful deals. It aims to formalise your experiences, with the skills and ability to think critically about what may now be an intuitive process for you. This will help us to establish a framework that will enhance your learning every time you are involved in a new negotiation, and equip you with new skills that will become part of your repertoire.

You will also understand the dynamics of cross-cultural negotiations in the African context and beyond.

Programme Objective

The programme aims to enhance participants’ negotiation skills and techniques for breaking through impasses to close deals, through strategic and skilful persuasion.

Target Participants

The Master Negotiator is specially designed for those that carry out negotiations in their roles. Individuals from both the private, civil society and public sectors seeking to enhance their negotiation skills in an increasingly globalised world.

Typical participants include those involved in procurement, lawyers, supplier liaisons, claims managers among others.

Key Learning Outcomes

After completing the programme, you should be able to:

  • improve your ability to negotiate in competitive as well as collaborative situations
  • increase your level of awareness of the negotiation process including improving effectiveness in the opening, making concessions and closing negotiations
  • understand the dynamics of cross-cultural negotiations in the African context and beyond
  • enhance your understanding of the psychology of negotiation including critical biases negotiators can have that limit their effectiveness and how to overcome them
  • be familiar with specific concepts and principles that will enhance your negotiation effectiveness
  • reflect on your personal style and the impact it has on others

Key Focus Areas

The programme will focus on:

  • Elements of a Negotiation Model
  • Principles of Negotiation
  • The Process of Negotiation
  • Cooperate and compete; Coo-peting
  • Creative Negotiations
  • Group Negotiations
  • Overcoming Barriers to an Agreement in Negotiations
  • Cross-cultural Negotiations

Topics range from preparing and managing the negotiation process to more complex issues such as managing deadlocks and multivariable negotiations.

Programme Delivery

The programme is highly practical and is taught through the use of case studies, interactive exercises and simulations.

This is a great opportunity for participants to acquire and test practical skills that can be applied immediately in conducting both internal and external negotiations that are a key part of their management responsibilities successfully.

The mode of delivery is online.


This programme will be facilitated by a mix of industry practitioners and highly qualified faculty from Strathmore University Business School with vast experience in negotiations.

The sessions will be complemented with panel discussions facilitated by entrepreneurs and different industry leaders.

Prof. Robert Mudida – Course Leader

 The programme will be led by Prof. Robert Mudida who brings in extensive experience in international business negotiations, bilateral and multilateral negotiations and most recently has been involved in negotiating a Free Trade Agreement.

Prof. Mudida has also done capacity building in negotiations for the private sector, civil society and governments in many countries in Africa for over a decade.

He is a faculty member at Strathmore University Business School.

Click here to read more about Prof. Robert Mudida.

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Key Details

28th – 30th July 2021

Kshs. 40,000/ USD 400

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