Building and Keeping a Network of Strong and Happy Families

Family Enrichment
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Programme for Family Development (PFD) runs Marriage and Parenting courses for married couples developed by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD). We look to building and keeping a network of strong and happy families, encouraging them to be united in their approach to parenting.

PFD also offers the Jani Education in Character Formation (ECF) course, a modern approach to teaching character, universal values and authentic comprehensive sexuality to children aged 6 through to 16 years old.

The International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) is a non-governmental, independent, and non-profit federation, whose primary mission is to support families through training.

IFFD programmes are based on a participative methodology, the objective of which is to help parents to improve their relationships with their spouses and develop their child-rearing skills, in order to confront the daily challenges faced by families with confidence, flexibility and good humour.

Vision of PFD

Inspiring Families

Mission of PFD

Inspiring families through family enrichment and education in character formation activities.

Objectives of PFD

Programme for family developed aims at:

  • Reminding Parents that they are the First Educators of their Children
  • Providing solid Guidelines for Child Development
  • Teaching important Marital and Parenting Communication Skills
  • Encouraging unity and teamwork among couples
  • Providing opportunities for friendship and enjoyment
  • Providing holistic character education of learners: contextual, realistic, wholesome.

Family Enrichment

The IFFD courses are designed to achieve family unity, and Family Enrichment is the best investment parents can make.

They encourage parents to understand and appreciate the importance of their married love for the whole family, enabling parents to see the needs, understand the challenges and define the goals for their family.

IFFD courses also provide parents with practical suggestions and ideas for their own family life. Additionally, we offer Education in Character Formation activities for the children of our PFD Couples.

Maisha The Personal Project

We understand that this can be a challenging time, but we believe that with the right tools and support, you can navigate your way towards a fulfilling and successful future. At the heart of our program is a commitment to creating a supportive community.

We believe that by connecting with other young people facing similar challenges, you can gain valuable insights, share experiences, and build a network of supportive peers.

IFFD Family Enrichment Courses use a participative methodology based on the Case Study Method. IFFD is an NGO with General Consultative Status on the Economic and Social Committee (ESOSOC) of the United Nations.

It collaborates in international forums to promote and protect family and marriage values. IFFD Family Enrichment Courses use a participative methodology based on the Case Study Method. This is central to IFFD’s dynamic experience and is a useful way of promoting dialogue about real situations in a supportive atmosphere in which everyone’s opinions are valued.

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