Programme for Management Development (PMD) focuses on equipping forward-looking managers with leadership skills that are critical for personal growth and for growing others in the organization.

Knowing that middle-level managers are the link between the formulation of strategy and its execution, the programme is designed to challenge the professionals to open their minds and find new, creative solutions to business problems

Impact: You and Organization


Participants themselves develop great leadership skills, career development insights and self-confidence.  PMD participants have so far achieved a 60% promotion rate in their respective organizations.


PMD delivers a direct ROI to the organization through the knowledge to action project done by each participant. With coaching support, each PMD participant identifies an organization challenge and gets a solution. Great results have been delivered ranging from process improvements, new product design, higher customer care scores and an increase in sales

For Who

  • The programme is for mid-level managers who are high performers gearing up to take on more responsibility.
  • High potential professionals seeking to boost their career potential and do a readiness audit for top-level management will find PMD crisp and relevant

Programme Delivery

PMD is a modular programme, consisting of 3 modules, spread over 1 year.

We appreciate the fact that the group that befits this programme forms a key entity to the progress of activity in their respective companies.

The modular structure thus offers flexibility and managers can plan their work schedules around the programme structure.


  • Module I:
    Understanding and Managing Yourself and Others in the Organization 
  • Module III: (GIBS)
    Working Towards Excellence
  • Module II:
    Executing and Monitoring Strategy
  • Module IV:
    Navigating Obstacles and Speedbumps in the Journey Toward Excellence

Faculty: Academic Director

Dr. Ben Ngoye
Academic Director – PMD
Strathmore University Business SchoolTo read Profile, click here.

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Key Details

Orientation:(Half day): February 2023

Module I: March 2023

Module II:  May 2023

Module III: July 2023

Module IV: September 2023 International Module

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or call him on Tel: +254 (0) 703 034 552  / Cell: +254 (0) 720 216 241.