Overview of the Effective Director Masterclass

Regulatory as well as global shifts in the way stakeholders engage with public and private corporations, parastatals and NGOs require that directors of these institutions are constantly under a lot of pressure to keep up with their governance competencies.

The Effective Director Masterclass is a programme designed for individuals who have already attended a foundational corporate governance programme such as The Effective Director Programme (TED) but need to take on a deeper dive into key aspects of oversight and monitoring that are required for the 21st-century director.

The Effective Director Masterclass Programme Objective

The Effective Director Masterclass programme aims to impart participants with a strong understanding of the key aspects of oversights and monitoring that are required for the 21st-Century Director.

The Effective Director Masterclass programme aims to provide a refreshing, lively and interactive forum for genuine learning about this most important of positions.

Target Participants

Directors who have had basic but fundamental corporate governance training, as well as having served at least two years on boards of listed companies, parastatals, private companies and NGOs.

Key Focus Areas of the Effective Director Masterclass programme

Using case studies of actual Eastern African companies, the programme will provide participants with the opportunity to take a deeper look at three key organizational aspects that are inextricably intertwined.

They include:

  1. Executing Strategy:

    A strategy is only as good as the people who execute it. This session is aimed at examining strategic intentions of the case study targets, the culture that led to the successes or failures and whether the companies in question had the fanatical discipline, creativity and productivity to deliver on the strategic

  2. Identifying Operational Risk:

    Boards tend to focus primarily on the financial risk of the entity, which is addressed through a periodic and constant review of the organization’s financial performance. However, every organization attracts a significant operational risk that can destroy enterprise value if not effectively identified, monitored and mitigated against. This session allows directors of public, private and non-profit organizations to identify what key operational risks exist in the entity and whether appropriate mechanisms have been put in place to address the same.

  3. Financial Implications:

    Boards are operational entities with the attendant challenges around effectiveness and performance. This session will provide participants with tools to enable them to identify the financial efficiency of the strategy as well as the efficiency of the risk mitigants that management has put in place.

Admission Requirements for the Effective Director Masterclass programme

Admission to this exclusive programme is based on professional achievement, demonstrated leadership, organisational responsibility and the candidate’s potential for future contribution to the economy.

Consideration is confined to current members of the board of director. Payment is expected upon admission.

Programme Delivery & Special Features of the Effective Director Masterclass programme

The sessions use actual case studies and a combination of learning aids and approaches such as syndicate group discussions and peer group learning.

The mode of delivery is in-person at Hemmingways, Karen, Kenya. Ministry of Health COVID-19 prevention, safety protocols and guidelines will be adhered to.

The Effective Director Masterclass Programme Faculty

The programme is delivered by a high-powered faculty team consisting of African governance thought leaders.

As a result, classroom discussions provide conceptual frameworks for effective decision making, along with practical tools for real-life implementation.

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Key Details

Date: 2 – 3 July 2024

Cost: Kshs. 230, 000

Mode of Delivery: In-Person


Mode of Communications Details
Email: domumbwa@strathmore.edu or eeopenprograms@strathmore.edu

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