Various development and private sector stakeholders are increasingly appreciating the value of utilizing
evidence to develop and run programs as well as build products that are impactful. These stakeholders are
keen to continuously capture information, process it quickly and integrate lessons learnt to optimize
quality and cost. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) therefore remains a key aspect of organizational
management and product (or program) development as more stakeholders demand evidence of what
works and what doesn’t, both in the private sector and in the public/development space. The Advance
M&E module seeks to build the capacity of Senior Managers, Managers and Product/program designers
in order to equip them with understanding of impact evaluations (IE) and use of IE information to make
program and/or policy decisions. They will also be able to set up systems and structures within their
institutions to enable effective running of evaluations.

Key Benefits

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
● Develop an organizational monitoring and evaluation system
● Gain deeper understanding of impact evaluations
● Understand how to analyze and use evaluation data to inform program and policy decisions and;
● Run impact evaluations from start to end, and use the IE reports for learning and product/program

For Who

Senior managers and all professionals who might have undertaken the basic Monitoring & Evaluation training and need to progress to the advanced level.

Programme Structure

● Recap of module I
● Introduction to evaluations
● Evaluation designs and methods
● Measurement and questionnaire design
● Sampling and selection
● Introduction to data analysis: using a case study
● From Impact to decisions and policy
The program uses an interactive approach, coupled with multiple case studies.


1.     Impact Evaluations
1.1. Introduction to impact evaluations (IE)
1.2. IE designs: experimental, quasi-experimental and qualitative methods
2.     Measurement strategies and design of questionnaires
3.     Sampling considerations and challenges: counterfactuals
3.1. Counterfactuals
3.2. Power
4. Data Analysis
4.1. Introduction to Stata
4.2. Impact data analysis: pre-posts, ITT, ATE and DiD
4.3. Data quality management
5. Data for decisions
5.1. Program decisions – case study
5.2. Policy decisions – case study

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Key Details

Date: 2 – 6 October 2023

Cost: Kshs. 110,000

Mode of Delivery: In-person

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