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THEME:  Data-Driven Insights to Harness Food Systems Transformation in Africa


Agriculture plays a pivotal role in economic development, supporting livelihoods and ensuring food security and  nutrition for millions of people in Africa. However, addressing data gaps to inform decision making for the multiple stakeholders within the agri-business landscape remains a key challenge. Unlocking agriculture’s full potential requires innovative, data-driven solutions and increased private sector involvement. Recognizing this imperative, the Strathmore Agri-Food Innovation Center (SAFIC) aims to lead the transformation of food systems in Africa.

At its core, SAFIC is committed to co-designing evidence-based interventions that foster sustainable agricultural growth and innovation. This commitment extends to both the national government, county government, private sector and development partners. Through its data-driven approach, SAFIC seeks to enhance visibility throughout the entire agricultural value chain, spanning from production to market distribution.

Central to SAFIC’s mission is the establishment of a Community of Practice (COP) on Agri Markets Data for Investment & Growth (AMDIG). This collaborative platform will serve as a platform that facilitates knowledge sharing on data insights. Additionally, AMDIG not only aims to facilitate the mapping of investments and assessments at various levels but also to foster partnerships among stakeholders in government, private sector, producers, research institutions and development partners.

The launch event of SAFIC and the AMDIG COP holds profound significance where stakeholders will converge to co-develop  solutions, exchange best practices, and chart a path towards sustainable inclusive agricultural transformation. By showcasing successful data-driven initiatives and outlining SAFIC’s role in facilitating collaborative action, this event sets the stage for catalytic private sector-led growth, innovation, and the promotion of resilient food systems in Africa.


May 14
8:00 am to 4:00 pm EAT
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Ann Waimiri


Strathmore University Auditorium