Strathmore Agri-food Innovation Centre

SAFIC is an African-led center of excellence at the Strathmore University Business School (SBS) that seeks to empower, enable and scale agri-food innovations, and enhance the competitiveness of food systems across Africa. SAFIC is driven by a clear mission to enhance the transformation of the agriculture and agri-food sector in addition to facilitating and supporting innovation within strategic areas of the sector.  We aim to establish a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing by fostering partnerships and networks across Africa. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, a strong bias for data-driven insights, and adopting interdisciplinary approaches, we will contribute significantly to Africa’s journey towards achieving food security, sustainable development, and economic prosperity. Further, through knowledge transfer and capacity building, local stakeholders will gain the necessary skills and expertise to implement innovative practices, ensuring long-term enablement and data scaling in the agri-food sector.

Our Vision: To spearhead African Food System transformation

Our Mission: To promote evidence-based interventions that catalyze sustainable private sector-led growth and innovation within food systems

What we believe

Our belief is that by establishing as a service centre that coordinates and puts information in the right hands for people to make decisions, we will catalyze transformative change. Our role as change agent is facilitated through our focus area responsible for building competitive and innovative agribusiness, empowering producers to identify business opportunities, optimizing investment by development partners, and facilitating knowledge co-creation with research institutions.


Our Purpose

At its core, the centre is committed to co-designing evidence-based interventions that foster sustainable agricultural growth and innovation. This commitment extends to both the national government, county government, private sector, and development partners. Through its data-driven approach, SAFIC seeks to enhance visibility throughout the entire agricultural value chain and business chain.

Our Values

To deliver on our day today asks, we are bound by a set of values that through them, we can go beyond expectations.

  • Pragmatism: We value pragmatism over dogmatism, sticking to a path well-trodden, or strict rules of operation. We prioritize agility, goals and outcomes. We get the job done, quickly and professionally.
  • Integrity: Truth and trust are our guiding lights and this is how we approach our partners, clients and peers. We demand of ourselves to be true to our word, being transparent, honest, and open in communication and expect the same from our peers and collaborators.
  • Excellence: We value individual excellence, but more so collective excellence. Going beyond the call of duty to exceed expectations is the natural setting for all our staff.
  • Collaboration: We achieve more when we do it together. Partnerships are in our DNA and we rely on the great multiplying effect of collaborative effort. We believe that we walk far when we walk together in focused strategic partnership.
  • Ethics: We uphold high ethical standards including respect for humanity, freedom of speech, though and intellectual inquiry within lawful bounds, and acting responsibly with respect to the environment and social equity.

Who We Serve

  1. Agribusiness – In Africa, agricultural value chains consist of multiple agribusinesses that often lack current and accurate data on which to base critical business decisions, leading to missed opportunities, inefficiencies and waste. SAFIC supports SME’s and mid-size companies with current market insights and business advise to enable them chart their growth with confidence.
  1. Young Agripreneurs – The future of our continent – and in particular the future of food and agriculture – is dependent on engaging entrepreneurial young men and women in the business opportunities that lie within viable value chains. SAFIC, together with its partners, spearheads training, coaching and mentoring of young agripreneurs to enable them develop the strategic thinking, action plans and critical business skills that they can leverage to thrive.
  1. Cooperatives – Effective farmer cooperatives, producer groups and trade associations are the foundation on which broad-based agricultural transformation is built. SAFIC builds on Strathmore Business Schools long history of training in effective institutional building to train leaders and their management teams on how to thrive within the complex economic, social, political and environmental ecosystems in which they operate.
  1. Government departments – SAFIC is positioned as a service center to support national and regional Government in their transformation agenda. By conducting timely data analysis and providing pragmatic insights, SAFIC supports Government data-driven decision and policy making.
  1. Development Partners – Impactful development programs and projects are anchored on interventions built on factual insights. SAFIC supports development partner programs in their data collection and analysis needs, and in providing market insights, business advisory and project design. SAFIC also provides monitoring, evaluation and learning support.