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Argwings Koyoson is an exceptional Executive Coach and a seasoned Risk & Compliance expert. For Argwings, coaching is a profound mission—to empower individuals to unearth their untapped potential, cultivate self-awareness, and forge ahead towards progress.

With over two decades navigating the landscapes of risk management, Argwings has honed his expertise. His career journey spans both the public and private sectors, where he’s adeptly guided organizations in reshaping risk management frameworks, surmounting change management hurdles, and refining their strategic compass.

However, his true passion lies in the realm of coaching and mentorship. He ardently inspires executive leaders to awaken their dormant potential. Among his distinguished clientele are luminaries from various Kenyan organizations cutting across key sectors of the economy.

Argwings’ coaching journey is marked by a structured five-stage framework, a roadmap to empower clients in achieving their business and life objectives. His core coaching model, Solution Focused, guides clients in clarifying their goals, exploring possibilities, and committing to actionable steps that lead to remarkable breakthroughs. Progress is rigorously assessed, aligning with jointly established objectives through mid-term and end-term evaluations.

His dedication to coaching excellence is underscored by his qualifications from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in the UK, where he holds a prestigious Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. He is currently pursuing his professional coaching certification with the International Coaching Federation and is the current president of International Coaching Federation, Kenya Chapter Charter.

His coaching voyage embodies unwavering commitment to helping individuals and organizations unlock their potential. In the realm of executive coaching, he stands as a beacon for those seeking personal and professional growth.