Case Title & Author

Title: Zaidi Oil: the SAP ERP Dilemma
Author: Freddie Racosas Acosta and Arlene Suson Acosta

Subject Areas/Case Usage

Management Information Systems Decision Analysis

Level of students: At Strathmore Business School, this case was used with MBA-1 Management Information System and MBA-2 Decision Analysis units;

Brief Synopsis

On a beautiful October morning in 2011, Mr Macharia, the CEO of a mid-sized oil marketing company located in Nairobi, Kenya, had to make a tough decision about whether to upgrade his company’s current B1 system to a bigger version of SAP. Mr Abbas, the new Information Communications Technology (ICT) Director of Zaidi Group, was worried that Zaidi was building a bigger company on top of a smaller ERP system. Abbas’s fears also included the partner company RedLock’s past inefficiencies. Ms Kariuki, the Finance Director, on the other hand, was fearful of overspending on a huge information technology (IT) system where the company’s current functionalities required could be addressed by a smaller system through add-ons, customization and development:

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