Introduction To Understanding The Impact of Innovations in The Regulation of Kenya’s Health Facilities’ Project

Project Overview

Project PI: Dr Francis Wafula Prof. Gilbert Kokwaro

Doctoral fellow: Eric Tama

Research Assistant: Irene Khayoni

The study therefore seeks to understand the effectiveness of Kenya’s regulatory innovations, and to consider their wider implications for the creation of a cost-effective, sustainable and equitable regulatory system.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Identify the processes through which the regulatory innovations are expected to influence quality/safety, and investigate the degree to which these have been implemented and why
  2. Explore the perceived legitimacy of the regulatory interventions by regulators, healthcare providers and other stakeholders, in terms of their fairness and acceptability
  3. Explore potential for and perceived levels of corruption in the revised and original regulatory systems
  4. Investigate patient perceptions of facility regulation
  5. Estimate the cost of the regulatory interventions to regulators and health care providers