September 18, 2023

Sustaining Success: Sisters’ Blended Value Project Uses Webinars to Strengthen Catholic Sisters’ Social Enterprises


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Sustaining Success: Sisters’ Blended Value Project Uses Webinars to Strengthen Catholic Sisters’ Social Enterprises

The webinar series, an integral component of the Sisters’ Blended Value Project (SBVP), is pivotal in realising Pillar 3 of the SBVP. It underscores the importance of Collaborative Networks. Within this context, the webinars hold profound significance on multiple fronts.

They serve as an invaluable platform for Catholic sisters and stakeholders from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Tanzania to converge and exchange invaluable insights, experiences, and knowledge. These virtual gatherings foster a dynamic environment where ideas, best practices, and innovative approaches are shared, nurturing a collaborative atmosphere of continuous learning.

The webinars catalyse network expansion by uniting individuals and organisations from disparate backgrounds and geographical locations; they create fertile ground for forging meaningful connections and partnerships. These connections, in turn, open doors to a wider network of resources, support, and expertise, amplifying the potential for collective success.

The webinars also serve as a conduit for specialised training and capacity-building sessions. They address specific topics related to sustainable social enterprises. In doing so, they empower participants with the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to enhance their effectiveness and broaden their impact.

Through the webinars, SBVP seeks to ensure that the social enterprises for Catholic sisters continue to thrive beyond the grant period. The webinar creates a pool of well-trained and informed individuals who can serve as mentors and coaches, providing ongoing guidance and support. By potentially involving speakers and participants from various corners of the globe, these webinars offer a global perspective on matters related to social enterprise, sustainability, and networking. This exposure broadens horizons, exposes participants to diverse approaches, and encourages innovative thinking. Catholic sisters who would want to benefit from the webinar series can reach us via

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