March 18, 2024

Students Undertaking the MBA Healthcare Management Programme Visit Chitkara University for their International Module

Juliet Hinga

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Last week, 35 students undertaking the MBA Healthcare Management Programme at Strathmore University Business School, visited Chitkara Business School, India, for their international module. This exchange programme, serves as a dynamic collaboration between India and Africa, promises a transformative academic experience set against the backdrop of India’s vibrant healthcare landscape.

Under the hospitality of Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor of Chitkara University, the students were welcomed into a world of diverse healthcare perspectives. Guided by Prof. Keerti Pradhan from the Department of Healthcare Management, Chitkara Business School, they delved into various dimensions of India’s healthcare sector, ranging from advancements in teleconsultation to the intricacies of rural healthcare dynamics.

The module commenced with an engaging exhibition showcasing innovative solutions and technologies driving India’s healthcare sector forward. Through interactive sessions and hands-on experiences, students gained invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities shaping the industry’s evolution.

Venturing beyond the classroom, the students embarked on a series of visits to renowned hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical consumable manufacturing facilities. These immersive experiences offered a firsthand understanding of India’s healthcare delivery ecosystem.

One notable visit was to the Allengers plant in Mohali, where students witnessed the company’s remarkable journey towards excellence in medical equipment manufacturing. Inspired by Allengers’ unwavering commitment to quality and talent management, students gained a glimpse into the company’s innovative practices and global impact.

Subsequently, the students explored the realm of private sector health systems during a visit to Fortis Hospitals Mohali. Immersed in discussions about operational excellence and affordable healthcare solutions, students observed firsthand the hospital’s dedication to quality care and cutting-edge technology.

From state-of-the-art medical equipment to personalized patient care, every facet of Fortis Hospital Mohali epitomized excellence, offering students profound insights into the nuances of private healthcare sector dynamics.

As the week-long module drew to a close, students departed with enriched perspectives and a deeper appreciation for India’s healthcare landscape. The exchange program not only fostered academic growth but also strengthened cultural ties, reinforcing the importance of global collaboration in shaping the future of healthcare management.

The module culminated in a visit to Tynor Orthotics Private Limited in Chandigarh, where students further explored India’s health ecosystem as part of the Indo-Africa Health Innovation program. The mini graduation ceremony marked the successful completion of the program, with Strathmore Business School receiving certificates of participation from Chitkara University.

Amidst the enriching academic experiences, students also savored moments of leisure, exploring the beauty of Chandigarh and indulging in vibrant cultural experiences. Feeling inspired and rejuvenated, students returned home ready to apply the knowledge gained from this immersive experience to tackle new challenges in the healthcare sector.

The MBA Healthcare Management Programme aims to equip healthcare managers with relevant skills for leading and managing the various facets and challenges that confront professional hospital and clinic managers, managers of NGO and faith-based health providers, and professionals in the emerging insurance, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Learn more about this Programme here

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