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Today, Strathmore University Business School has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Africa Water Watch Limited. This partnership is aimed at establishing a framework for cooperation between the parties to create and operationalize the Water Governance and Innovation Hub.

Speaking during the MOU signing event, SBS Executive Dean, Dr.George Njenga, highlighted the need for effective water management systems in Kenya, Africa and globally. “In the next two years, we envision to have created a global center for water governance and innovation through the Water Governance and Innovation Hub,” he noted.

William Mboya, CEO, Africa Water Watch Limited emphasized the commitment that AWWL had towards the partnership with SBS and more so towards creating sustainable development through the proper management of water. “Today marks a great milestone for AWWL as we seek to change the conversation in water management systems and beyond,” he said.

The two institutions will collaboratively engage in defining the framework for cooperation and collaboration and outline the basic structures for operationalization of water governance, technology, and innovation.

The specific objectives of the Water Governance and Innovation Hub are:

  1. Build capacities and promote water education through short courses and postgraduate studies.
  2. Collaborate with governmental and non-governmental experts and agencies from a wide range of professional sectors and disciplines in water governance, technology, and innovation.
  3. Promote innovation and knowledge generation on water governance, technology, and innovation through research, policy dialogues, symposia, workshops, and seminars.
  4. Undertake consultancies in water governance, technology, and innovation.
  5. Convene dialogues with communities to lobby for and promote relevant policies for the provision of safe water, sanitation, and waste management in a sustainable way in accordance with SDG 6

Strathmore University Business School endeavours to transform leadership in Africa in the 21st Century by influencing the leadership of public and private sectors. Through a mix of local relevance with well selected international collaborations and partnerships, the Business School seeks to transform society through the development of international executive business management and leadership Programmes.

Africa Water Watch Limited aims to attain responsible and beneficial life with water and wastewater management for sustainable development. The main objective of Africa Water Watch is to contribute towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) through interventions that enhance availability, accessibility, equity and sustainable management of Water and sanitation for all.

By Juliet Hinga

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