November 6, 2023

Leading Through Shifting Sands: Building Sustainable Businesses

Juliet Hinga

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The global business landscape today is unpredictable, and is in a state of constant flux, a dynamic tapestry of change and adaptation prevails.This paradigm shift is characterized by technological advancements, geopolitical shifts, foreign-exchange volatility, and unforeseen crises. Today’s CEOs, business leaders, and industry pioneers, must therefore develop the resilience and adaptability needed to navigate this challenging terrain.

To address these challenges, Strathmore University Business School organized the C-Suite Networking Dinner, an event that brought together C-Suite alumni from Strathmore University for an opportunity to network with peers as well as reconnect with former classmates.

The event, themed; Leading Through Shifting Sands: Developing Adaptive & Sustainable Businesses aimed to create a much needed platform for African business leaders to come together to co-create Africa’s solutions and be at the forefront of spearheading Africa’s transformation.

This thought-provoking event served as a platform for business leaders to converge and discuss strategies in response to the rapidly changing business dynamics. Focused on fostering adaptability and sustainability in the corporate world, the event further aimed to offer practical solutions for businesses to thrive in a fluctuating market.

The panelists, Brenda Mbathi, CEO, Two Rivers International Finance & Innovation Centre (TRIFIC), Dr. Julius Kipngetich, Group CEO, Jubilee Holdings Limited and Abdi Mohamed, Managing Director & CEO, ABSA Kenya Plc, shared their extensive wealth of experiences and insights on navigating the challenging terrain of contemporary business leadership.

The event delved into a range of pertinent topics, including strategies for leading through uncertain times, harnessing innovation and technology for sustainability, and the importance of adaptive leadership in today’s volatile business landscape. The discussion brought forth invaluable perspectives, shedding light on the evolving needs of businesses to adapt and thrive amidst rapid changes.

The importance of cohesive leadership in fostering resilience and driving innovative strategies to create sustainable businesses can not be underscored. Leaders of today’s organizations must embrace the ethos of adaptability and envision sustainability as fundamental elements in navigating the ever-shifting sands of the global business arena.

Article by Juliet Hinga

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