July 3, 2023

Kenya Small Business Development Centers (Kenya SBDC) Program and Elloe AI Launch the SBDC Rafiki AI Chat Box for SMEs

Juliet Hinga


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Last week, the Kenya Small Business Development Centers (Kenya SBDC) Program in partnership with Elloe AI launched the SBDC Rafiki, an advanced AI chatbot designed to empower small businesses.

SBDC Rafiki is a digital advisor that offers 24/7 support, tailored advice, and crucial information to help small businesses grow and  thrive.

Dr. George Njenga, Founding Dean of Strathmore University Business School noted that the tool holds immense potential for students and the wider community. “Partnering with Elloe AI to develop SBDC Rafiki is a concrete step towards our vision of digital transformation in Africa,” said Dr. Njenga.

Small businesses are expected to use this tool to unlock their full potential. Through SBDC Rafiki, small businesses in Kenya can leverage the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to overcome some of the unique challenges they face.

The use of advanced artificial intelligence in SBDC Rafiki allows small businesses in Kenya to access the latest advancements in technology. This tool can assist them in overcoming the unique challenges they face, ultimately enabling them to unlock their full potential and drive growth.

The SBDC Rafiki represents a promising initiative in the efforts to support small businesses in Kenya and foster digital innovation in the African business landscape.

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