May 29, 2023

Guest Lecture: Leadership and Innovation: Accelerating Access to Medical Devices for Increased Health Equity

Juliet Hinga

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On Thursday, 24th May 2023, we were privileged to host Antoinette Gawin, the Global CEO and President of Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, a medical technology company striving to unlock the potential of blood and cell-based therapies. She serves as Group Managing Executive Officer (GMEO) for Tokyo-based Terumo Corporation.

The guest lecture session was organized by Strathmore University Business School and Dr. Amit N. Thakker, Executive Chairman, Africa Health Business, and aimed to give Masters and Phd students an opportunity to learn from global healthcare leaders.

During the session, Ms Antoinette shared her experience as a Global CEO on visionary leadership, innovation and health equity. The lecture was themed: Convergence between Academia and Industry: Accelerating Access to Medical Devices for Increased Health Equity and focused on three keys areas:

  • Visionary Leadership and how it can positively impact healthcare
  • Innovation in healthcare: adopting a holistic ecosystem approach that focuses on patient needs and patients’ access to healthcare.
  • Health Equity: working towards ensuring all patients have fair access and the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.

This session gave the students undertaking the MBA in Healthcare Management Programme and the PhD in Healthcare Management Programme an opportunity for experiential learning and networking.

By Juliet Hinga

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