July 3, 2023

Embracing Success: A Fatherly Address to Strathmore University Students

Joseph Mwangi Wanjohi

Joseph Wanjohi

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In a heartwarming conversation that felt more like a father speaking to his beloved children, Dr. Caesar Mwangi, the Dean of Strathmore University Business School addressed the first-year and second-year students, inspiring them to strive for success in their academic journey and beyond. He emphasized that as their “father,” he had a profound responsibility to ensure their growth and triumph during their time at Strathmore.

With passion in his voice, the Dean encouraged the students to envision their successful graduation four years down the line. He wanted them to imagine the pride and sense of accomplishment they would feel when they walked across that stage, armed with knowledge, skills, and a bright future ahead.

To truly understand what success meant to each of them, the Dean asked the students to delve into their hearts and define success in their own words. It was evident that success, for many, was not merely about material possessions or titles; it was about fulfillment, happiness, and the determination to strive for even greater heights.

Throughout the conversation, the Dean emphasized that fear was a significant barrier to success. He encouraged the students not to be afraid to take risks and venture into uncharted territories. Instead, he urged them to embrace challenges and recognize that true growth comes from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

The Dean was genuinely interested in their thoughts and feelings when they succeeded in anything. As the students shared their experiences, it became evident that success brought a sense of fulfillment, joy, and a renewed determination to achieve even more. Their victories were not just individual triumphs but also inspirations for others to follow.

Highlighting the significance of their time at Strathmore University, the Dean made it clear that their actions within these walls would significantly shape their future. He reminded them that their success would bring not only joy to him, their academic father, but also to their families back at home and their friends. Their achievements would be a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence.

Drawing on Strathmore’s core value of “Freedom and Responsibility,” the Dean emphasized the importance of making good choices. Students had the freedom to make decisions, but they should always consider the consequences that would follow. Success was not handed on a silver platter; it was a result of making wise choices and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

As the address neared its conclusion, the Dean urged the students to relish the journey of success. It was not an endpoint to reach but rather a continuous journey with various stages, each defining the next. He encouraged them to savor every moment, to learn from their experiences, and to grow through every challenge.

“Let today be the first day of the rest of your lives,” the Dean urged them. With these parting words, he instilled in the students a sense of purpose and determination to make the most of their time at Strathmore University and beyond. It was evident that the Dean’s fatherly address had left a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of the students, inspiring them to embrace success with unwavering zeal.

In the years to come, the students will undoubtedly carry the lessons learned from this memorable conversation, propelling them towards a future filled with remarkable achievements and fulfilling accomplishments. As they set out on their individual journeys, they will always remember the words of their “father” and cherish the guidance they received at Strathmore University. Success, after all, was not just a destination; it was an extraordinary journey they were embarking on—one that would shape their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

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