June 19, 2023

Disruptive Strategy



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Human interactions in different spaces have become globalized. To maintain a competitive edge in the sphere of influence, therefore, has become a solitary goal in the short- and long-term vision and strategy of individuals as well as organizations engaging in any form of business.

Every organization rendering services endeavors to reach consumers to the widest spectra. This has increasingly called for innovation and strategy change to accommodate consumer preferences while maintaining a quality competitive edge. Disruptive strategy has therefore become a tool at the disposal of the entrepreneurial world to maximize on the potential at hand to reach the consumer.

Technology is one aspect that remains at the centre of disruptive strategy. While it cannot be deployed as the single most dominant tool, it has remained a front runner in exploring new frontiers. Most world leading brands have leveraged on technology to develop new products that are attractive to different consumers in order to attain market satisfaction. Organizations that have invested resources towards leveraging on technology have remained robustly competitive in their respective spaces.

Disruptive strategy, therefore, remains a critical element in realizing organizational change, output and even policy implementation. Man is always in the state of becoming – new opportunities arise each day and so do risks. The modern market requires modern aggressiveness which disruptive strategy presents.

Disruptive strategy has proven an important tool even in career progression. To articulate complex viewpoints in the career path, one must embrace novel ideas and synthesize them to adequately place themselves in line for progress. Career progression, however, should not be seen through the singular lens of individual gain. Any organization investing in its human recourse is able to remain better resourced and attain its set goals better. The human element remains at the heart of every organizational goal and leveraging on deliberate and strategic investment on human resource becomes easier.

Investing in policies that help attain disruptive strategy therefore remain beneficial to organizations as well as individuals in the ever-dynamic world. Disruptive strategy and innovation can only better personal and collective goals. The available dividends of disruptive strategy cannot be wished away but embraced. Labour in its traditional sense as a factor of production has been revolutionized by skill, technology and innovation. As a result, it is time organizations and individuals approach human resource differently by utilizing available enablers, including disruptive strategy to place the human recourse at the center of organizational strategy change to achieve set goals.

Article by Wanyama W. Robert

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