March 11, 2022

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Funded Sisters’ Blended Value Project Begins Sessions with the First Cohort of the Project Management Programme

Katherine Keango

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The first training program of the Sisters’ Blended Value Project (SBVP) commenced on Monday 7th March 2022 at Strathmore University Business School (SBS) and will run for five days ending on Friday 11th March 2022. The participants, 30 consecrated nuns from 26 congregations in Kenya attended the first of many programs to be undertaken by Catholic Sisters in four target regions. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundaton funded project aims to train 600 Sisters in over 40 congregations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and  Zambia through six individual and  institutional courses. Many of the participants are involved in income generating activities in their congregations and wish to upskill to provide greater value to their communities.

The Project Management Program is designed to provide guidance and appreciation to the Association of Consecrated Women of Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA) with the capabilities of how to design and implement effective social enterprises in their respective congregations guided by their charisms and mandates.

Effective implementation of social enterprises isn’t without its challenges; lack of funding, lack of business skills, support, understanding, and rapid changes in technology & business environment all play a role in stifling the growth and development of social enterprises. The Project Management Program’s objective is to equip the Sisters with knowledge and skills that challenge them to strategize and visualize successful delivery as a project manager.

Over the next five days, the training program will cover Project Design & Implementation – Project Management Basics; Project Design, Identification & Formulation; Scope Management; Budget Development; Project Risk Management; Communicating to Key Stakeholders; Quality Management and Continuous Improvement, among other essentials of project management.

The Programme facilitators favor an interactive teaching style with group discussions and breakout sessions allowing the Sisters to interact with each other, building on the pillar of collaborative networks within the various congregations. The Sisters were taken through the process of Project Identification and Design using situational analysis models, giving them the opportunity to analyze and identify their respective enterprises using effective learning models.

By the end of the Project Management Program, the sessions will convey to the Sisters the fundamentals of effective project management, ultimately contributing to their overall outputs in their congregations & social enterprises.

The same training program will be carried out in Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia with Sisters in ACWECA and her affiliates.

Interested in the Sisters’ Blended Value Project? To learn more about the Conrad N. Hilton funded project, contact us through the regional project manager on or through the ACWECA secretariat on


By Katherine Keango

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