August 28, 2023

Empowering Leadership Excellence: JTI Company’s Executive Committee Completes High Impact Leadership Master Programme

Juliet Hinga

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On August 22nd, we trained the Executive Committee of JTI Company in a transformative customized Programme, dubbed the High Impact Leadership Master Programme. This Programme aimed to strengthen the leadership skills of the Executive Committee members.

Designed to cultivate exceptional leadership skills, this provided the team with cutting-edge insights, strategic frameworks, and hands-on exercises to enhance their leadership effectiveness. The training Programme saw the participants delve into dynamic discussions, honed their decision-making abilities, and gained valuable tools to navigate the challenges of the modern business landscape.

This intensive session undoubtedly fortified the team’s leadership prowess, ensuring they are poised to steer JTI Company toward continued success.

Strathmore University Global Institute is the vehicle to be used by Strathmore University to manage Africa’s economic expansion, starting with Tanzania, SADDC and the rest of the continent. At the Strathmore Global Institute Tanzania, we offer a variety of Programmes spanning across leadership development, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, agribusiness, public policy and climate change among others. Learn more about the Programmes offered at the Strathmore Global Institute Tanzania here

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