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Taking charge of your time requires planning, and for some, this can be taken as seriously as meticulously breaking the nitty-gritty down to the time spent with family, friends, and colleagues. For women leaders, this is imperative because  providing and nurturing require a knack for time management.

To many, work-life balance can seem impossible to achieve, given the different roles we all play in our organisations, families and social groups. Although the idea of “switching-off” after a long day of meetings and errands seems doable, how easy is it to separate work and your personal life? We cannot deny that these two halves of ourselves are inextricably linked, very seldom can anyone say that they don’t think about their work while at home and vice versa.

Participants of the Women in Leadership Programme were challenged to live authentically while purposefully planning. “No one is naturally well-managed”, stated Marion Mwangi, Academic Lead for the Women in Leadership Programme. Defining Marion’s planning strategy is somewhat surreal – the lengths to which she goes to ensure her work and family are equally attended to are spread out on a colourful excel sheet that helps her plan her day. Planning goes beyond the present, and with the gift of hindsight – participants were encouraged to compound their success through investing and planning for major life changes like motherhood.

Work-life integration requires equal strategic thought for both professional and personal matters. Participants resonated with this philosophy and shared how working on strategic plans changed the dynamics of their relationships. Women are prone to decision fatigue, given the multiple roles they step into, which necessitates a support system of friends and family for accountability. As with everything, it takes time and effort to cultivate this culture – expense tracking with your friends when planning an evening out will eliminate those snap decisions that you later regret and planning for rainy days and a nest egg with your spouse will elevate your family’s decisions keeping you ahead of life’s hiccups and positioning you to better invest in your family’s future.

The Women in Leadership Programme is designed to help participants gain control of their personal and professional lives through practical skills that allow women leaders to embrace their power without losing themselves in the heady and often aggressive world of work. Learn more about the Women in Leadership Programme here

Article by Katherine Keango

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