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My Executive Coaching Adventure

  Jan 30, 2020

All our dreams come true – if we dare to pursue them” – this quote from Walt Disney aptly describes my feelings on completion of the Executive Coaching for Managers Programme which I had pursued at Strathmore Business School, last year.

I have always been interested in Leadership and Coaching and for the past 5 years, I have dedicated myself to improving my skills as a leader and coach and doing all I can to pass on the same to everyone I coach. That is why when I had the chance to deepen my skills in these two fields, I was thrilled!

For one, the programme gave me new insights into my saboteurs and limiting beliefs which I had not given sufficient attention to and I also realized the importance and usefulness of developing a coaching culture in Strathmore where I have worked for the past 26 years.

In today’s uncertain and complex world, it is important to be a support for people who want to develop both personally and professionally.

 Training and developing my students so that ‘they reach for the stars’ has always been my ambition and it is something that has brought me a great deal of happiness and fulfillment, especially when I have seen them stand up for what is ethically right in their professional work and to be generous and committed in other aspects of their lives. It has been edifying to hear them say things like, ‘I started this initiative whose aim is to help needy young students so that they can complete their studies’ or ‘I started my own business and I have employed young people like myself who could not find employment, and now they’re doing well’ or ‘I gave up my lucrative post and started my microfinance firm to advise and help people in the slums make better use of the little money they have’.

In our current day and age where noise seems to reign supreme, coaching helps people to reflect more and shape their values so that they can help others, in turn, to discover what their values are. Values are who we are. Since values and attitudes are what shapes behavior, the impact of these on organizations, families and the community at large, is enormous as people make changes in their behavior that transform themselves and the people around them.

One of the skills necessary for a coach is to be able to ‘champion the client!’ This is an exciting feature in the life of a coach and it is what gives me the drive to keep at it. I feel good to be able to stand at the top of a hill and encourage my client way down in the valley with a “Come on, you can make it!” and celebrate his or her success when they do.

Fina D’Souza

Corporate Development Manager/Coach

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