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SBS Graduates the 3rd Cohort of Certified Executive Coaches

  Jan 15, 2020

The third cohort of certified executive coaches graduated on January 13, 2020, after three months of rigorous practical training and completion of the Executive Coaching for Managers Course. This programme is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a United States-based body regulating coaching in the world.

This cohort attracted participants from the United States, Spain, Senegal, and Kenya. These are Senior Managers and CEOs in the companies they lead, who wish to apply coaching skills in their leadership and management.

What then is Coaching?

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It is a life-changing experience that helps people tap into their potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity through this guided process. Coaching utilizes inductive listening and powerful questioning where the coachee comes, being experts in their fields, can come up with their solutions.

To be a certified coach, one requires to go through an ICF Accredited program with at least 60 training hours. Strathmore Business School has been able to offer four training hours above and beyond what ICF requires. The cohort four intakes will be in May 2020.

Why consider coaching?

A recent study by the International Coach Federation indicates that coaching is a useful instrument for driving social and organizational change. An overwhelming 66% of coach practitioners in East and Central Africa have witnessed coaching impact an individual and therefore its impact on future change.

This change is not only pegged on organizations but the person receiving coaching. Sir John Whitemore, the author of Coaching for Performance argues that when coaching is embedded in the process of communication and relationship building, it delivers practical and common-sense approaches to developing people and services and is a powerful way to unlock potential and create high performance. Most importantly it places people at the top of the agenda, in action not just in word, and is an essential leadership style of the high-performing company culture of the future.

As more and more organizations become complex and undergo change, a manager with coaching skills is best placed to steer the employees and the organization through these challenges while maintaining staff connectivity to the mission and vision of the organization.

Next Intake?

The next class starts on the 6th of May 2020. Applications are currently being processed and due to the level of training and engagement in the program, the class has limited slots with already half of the slots taken for the next module.

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