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Measuring Economic Relationships

  May 4, 2012

Strathmore Business School has shown the world yet again the reason as to why they are undisputed leaders in the Education sector in Africa. The business school has started a Financial Econometrics Executive program which is the first of its kind in East and Central Africa and a paramount amongst top organization management and for entrepreneurs.

Gracing the graduation ceremony of the first Econometrics class was Dr. Moses M. Sichei currently director of Research and Policy at the Commission on Revenue allocation and has previously worked as a manager in-charge of macroeconomic forecasting at the Central Bank of Kenya. During his interesting speech, Dr. Sichei outlined econometrics as a way of measuring economic relationships such as ‘what if analysis’ and emphasized on its importance in research and decision making. From the highly collaborative session, members of the audience were left yearning to know more about econometrics and its applications. The graduating students on the other hand, vowed to implement what they had learnt in the program to improve their respective institutions. Dr. Sichei said that his duty was essentially to reflect in the significance of econometrics in research and decision making. However, Economics enthusiasts were entertained to an involving session detailing econometrics, its origin, importance and application areas. Econometrics provides methods and tools to estimate statistical relationships between economic variables. This helps use the available information and past patterns to come up with certain economically sound decisions and conclusions. Those present were endowed with knowledge on statistical analysis and also got to know the tradeoff between research papers in econometrics and policy papers in the same field. The speech was culminated by Strathmore Business School being challenged to keep up with their market leadership ways by introducing important, new programs for professionals.

In her vote of thanks, the program manager- Mrs. Lucy Kairu encouraged the audience to use the skills amassed and provide solutions and improvements to the economy in a bid to achieve Kenya’s vision 2030. She further welcomed everyone to join one of the many value addition programs present within the business school.

We wish the graduating students the best of luck in their endeavors and welcome everyone else to our recurrent value-adding programs that present in the Business School throughout the year. For more information about the Financial Econometrics Program, click here.

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