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Senior Lecturer Co-Authors an International Management Education Book

  Jun 22, 2012

Dr. Monica Kerretts –Makau, senior lecturer at Strathmore Business School has co-edited a book titled ‘New Perspectives in Management Education’ and published by Excel publishing in Europe. The book which was launched at IESE Business School’s International Faculty Class of 2012 was also co-edited by Dr. Wolfgang – Germany, Dr. Pio Fenton – Ireland, Prof. Peter Zackarrison – Sweden and Prof. Shiv Tripathi – Tanzania. The book brings together experiences from more than 14 countries represented in the different authored chapters that review business education and its changing trends in business schools.

The book questions the current trends facing business schools; Are business universities and schools silent partners in crime? Have they been hijacked by the elites? Are they turning into mere recruitment platforms? Can and should they be character gyms? How can they evolve to their next level? The book also presents and discusses new perspectives on management education offered by the business universities and schools. The authors critically review the value creation processes and suggest innovative ways forward.

Dr. Kerretts-Makau’s authored chapter in the book provides a critical evaluation of the challenges in teaching management education programs such as the MBA in Kenya. Her chapter provides a critical reflection on her own experiences and those of her colleagues from Strathmore and other universities in the balance of theory and practice and relevance in the context of Africa and African Development.

Dr. Kerretts who was the class President for IFP IESE class in 2011, together with her colleagues whom she met in the IESE IFP class, decided to put down their various experiences in teaching management education after having several debates on the issues of teaching and running management education. This was a team effort to draw on the vast knowledge of the different contexts represented bringing both theory and practice of management education.

Dr. Kerretts –Makau is a senior lecturer at Strathmore Business School and Strathmore University. She was appointed as a Board Director of the Communications Commission of Kenya in February 2010. She graduated with a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Australia in Public Policy and Regulation and has had lots of experience both in the public and private sector prior to joining Strathmore at the end of 2009.

Some of the reviews of the book include:

“Business schools need to walk the talk. This book offers fresh insights on how schools can evolve further.” – Peter Lorange Former President of IMD; President of the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich.

“Like companies, business schools have to constantly improve over time. This book discusses new perspectives on how this can materialize.” – Lars Schweizer Dean of Goethe Business School, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University.

This book explores a range of themes in Business Education with a focus on issues that have arisen in the recent economic turmoil. Beyond this, it confronts management educators and education managers alike with a new insight into the challenges of business education and the role of the Business School. It is a must-read for those with an eye to the enhancement of the learning experience for students in this uncertain climate as well as those who seek to question the role of Business Schools in contributing to the atmosphere that has engendered this uncertainty.” – Thomas O’ Toole Dean of the School of Business at Waterford Institute of Technology.

“Reading through this illuminating anthology, it becomes clear that Business Schools are the hearth upon which institutional management training will be perfected and the place where great leaders will be nurtured – and all that for the sake of the common good.” – George Njenga Founder, Strathmore Business School.

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