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LeHHO Project transforms Embu Level Five Hospital

  Dec 16, 2014

More often than not, when the right structures are not set in an institution, there are bound to be a number of challenges in the matters of procedures and operations while working.

This was the situation at Embu level Five Hospital. The procurement office in particular lacked Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). After data collection, there were a lot of delays and the staff did not know what to do because they had nothing that would guide their work. This is what informed the project that was carried out by the Rita Njiru, the Nursing Officer and her LeHHO team. They set out to ensure that the procurement processes will be shorter, transparent and that the SOPs will be implemented.

The main challenge they faced while undertaking the project is lack of funds to facilitate the project. They also realised they had to train the procurement office staff in the area of SOPs. As a result of the project, the structural environment has been improved. There are also two major developments that are happening within the hospital: construction of the lab as well as construction of the CT- Scan Unit. They also have a transparent tendering process which makes the procurement procedure effective.

Mrs. Njiru appreciated the spirit of teamwork that she learnt from Strathmore Business School while attending the LeHHO program. For her, transformation took place in the heart: “Previously, I was very demotivated at work because of the continuous strikes among my colleagues; this meant overworking because there are times I would be left alone. But after the LeHHO program, I have changed my perspective towards my work and even how I respond to my colleagues. I am now managing with virtue. I have learnt that when I am faced with a challenge I must think, reflect, write down the possible solutions and then discuss it with my colleagues. In this way problems are easily solved. I am happy because thanks to LeHHO I can now inspire others and delegate work.”

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