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Breaking The Frame: The Key to a Successful MBA Experience

  Jan 15, 2015

Strathmore Business School (SBS) ushered in its new group of evening MBA students on January 10, 2015. In his opening remarks Anthony Kahindi, the Director of Support and Administration at SBS emphasized on the motto of the University: That all may be one, linking it to the idea of bringing together people from all walks of life and professions to share ideas and learn together.

Mr. Kahindi also spoke about the vision of SBS which encompasses virtuous transformation of leaders. We believe in transforming senior executives like you and in turn you will transform the society, work environments and your families thus making the world a better place. There is a whole chain behind the transformation of you as a person, SBS wants to transform the world and that needs you,” he said.

The key address during the orientation was facilitated by Prof. Alejandro Lago, Associate Professor in the Production, Technology and Operations Management Department at IESE Business School in Spain. He spoke on the theme of ‘Breaking the Frame’- a key strategy for the students to maximize on their MBA experience at SBS. Prof. Lago began by challenging the participants, “Are you here to get an MBA or are you here to become a Master in Business Administration?” While the former refers to an accreditation, the latter has the meaning of an achievement. “Getting the accreditation is not enough, what is important is to go through the journey and emerge transformed. If you achieve this transformation and you can feel the impact even to the family level, then, you will not only have achieved an MBA accreditation, but you will also have become a Master in Business Administration,” he added.

We all have pre-set mind frames or thoughts about different matters. We use age, gender, family, work and cultural experiences as well as educational background to analyze certain realities. These mind frames actively condition how we behave and relate to others however, Prof. Lago explained that it will be necessary for the MBA students to understand the views of their colleagues in class. They will be called to break their own frames and see things through the combined experience of many people as opposed to an individual perspective.

In his concluding remarks Prof. Lago called on the students to be open- minded about their learning experience and to take initiative in sharing with each other their views, ideas and lessons throughout the journey, for such is the essence of team work. Eliud Njogu, the Acting Director of MBA in SBS pointed out, “You cannot be self-sufficient, you need others. Team work is what will lead you to the next level of significance and activate your transformation.”

The SBS MBA is designed for experienced managers who wish to broaden their knowledge and expertise without interrupting their careers. The emphasis on applying new tools and ideas directly to the work space assures that both the participants and their companies immediately benefit from a world-class MBA.

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