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Improved Debt Collection in Tenwek Hospital after LeHHO Program

  Dec 16, 2014

Tenwek is a Mission hospital located in Bomet. It began in 1937 through the World Gospel Missionaries and is guided by the slogan, “We Treat- Jesus Heals”.

Raymon Biyegon, the Administrator of the hospital attended the Leading – High Performing Healthcare Organisations program offered at Strathmore Business School. He is among the participants who are grateful for the impact the program has had on him as an individual as well as to the institution he works for. “Today I take staff appraisals very seriously. I am more concerned on identifying areas in which we can improve as staff,” said Raymon.

The project that was done by Raymon was debt management. Tenwek Hospital faced debt collection problems with their patients. Before the project, the hospital only managed to collect 68 percent of their debt from In Patient whereas in the case of Out Patient they collected 78 percent.

Before carrying out the project, Raymon ensured that the staff understood the need for them to collect debt from their patients. The following are the challenges faced: Since Tenwek is a Mission hospital, there was an assumption that the hospital operates solely on missionary funds. Apart from educating the staff on the formation and operations of the hospital, door- door training was also done for the community members to help them understand why they need to pay for the services being rendered to them at the hospital. Another challenge is that there was insufficient information researched that would help identify daily rates of debt collection.

The door- door and staff sensitization yielded much fruit because patients began paying their debts. They understood that for the hospital to be sustained an for them to get better health care, they had to pay for the services given to them at the hospital. After the project the debt collection rate improved to 90 percent for In patient and 98 percent for Out patient.

Tenwek Hospital has 750 staff to cater for the rising number of patients. The hospital is also a training center for medical students.

Raymon is grateful to the LeHHO faculty at SBS for helping him realise the importance of investing in his employees as well as for exemplifying true team spirit.

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