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Graduate: SBS MBA Was Immensely Valuable

  Jun 27, 2012

The decision to take the Executive MBA was partly driven by my desire to change my career. Inevitably this led me to search for an MBA program that could offer me the international mobility, academic rigour as well as the critical networking opportunities necessary to accomplish my goal. I wished to continue working while I studied and therefore a part-time program is what I needed the most. The Strathmore Business School Executive MBA proved the better choice. Now, as I reflect upon that entire experience, there are a lot of great moments, life lessons and new relationships that I realise are immensely valuable and that I will cherish forever.

The case study methodology proved to be one of the most enlightening and challenging experiences in the SBS MBA program is the case study methodology. Here was a real opportunity for me to review business situations and apply both practical and academic considerations in proposing solutions to their challenges. And while proposing decisions, coming face to face with other executives who held directly opposite views. There were adrenalin filled debates and there were moments when I started to doubt the positions so strongly held based on the sound challenges from my peers. In all, there was always that ‘Aha!’ moment. That critical moment when the case learning leapt out of the page and made my leadership and decision making sharper. The case studies proved to be a critical avenue to challenge each other and indeed my long held assumptions about business and life as a whole.

The academic rigour in the course was immense. It took nothing less than full and total commitment from me to participate fully and effectively as a syndicate member. If anything, this was a lesson on how to manage myself, my time and my family. The lessons were learnt and a strong foundation for success at the workplace and in life was established. With all the work required of the MBA student, there was always a strong drive from the Strathmore community to remember to balance the wheel of life. As a busy executive, there were significant demands on my time from work and study. Nothing strengthened my resolve to make the most out of all those precious moments than my friends and family.

I found that in fact there was time to make new friends and build new business relationships within the MBA class. I dare say some of the strongest bonds I have were formed at SBS! Looking back, it is easy to speak of the MBA experience at SBS with nostalgia. With its beautiful and challenging moments, I learnt more about personal humility and the value of fierce resolve needed to cultivate and nurture a rich spiritual and personal life. The MBA journey was a process of discovery that will continue for the rest of my life. I ever so thankful to my loving wife who supported me throughout that journey, she did this as she undertook a master’s degree. And to my family, friends, relations and staff at SBS that I may not be able to personally thank; their belief in my ability and their encouragement was invaluable. I thank God for blessing me with their unfailing presence and encouragement.

I end with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that remains to this day, a strong influence in my life.

Let the first act of every morning

Be to make the following resolve for the day

I shall not fear anyone on earth I shall fear only God

I shall not bear ill toward anyone

I shall conquer untruth by truth

And in resisting untruth

I shall put up with all suffering

Simon Peter Njoroge – MBA Graduate, 2012.

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