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SBS MBA was a Life Transforming Experience

  Jul 2, 2012

Two years at Strathmore Business School has been a life transforming experience! The people I met during the two years experience (the students, the faculty, families) had a lasting impact on my life. As trite as it is, I truly would not be the person I am now without these people in my life. Even as we graduate and move on with our lives, I hope that we won’t forget; that we will remember how we were stretched and those who stretched us; how we changed and those who changed us; how high we flew and those who flew with us, and how far we fell and those who offered their hands to pick us back up. Because that is what my MBA experience has been all about. The cases, the homework, syndicate meetings, the study rooms, the laughs, the joys–it’s about the journey and the people we took this journey with.

Words cannot express the wholesomeness and self-worth one walks away with. As I check out of SBS, back into the global society, I feel fully-equipped to face any challenges the world presents. The rigor of the SBS program made me discover an inner strength within me that I did not know I had, and one that I must use to make the space around me better!

George Magak Mimba

As soon as I saw the promotional material about the SBS MBA, I knew it was what I needed. The demanding two-year course did not disappoint. The course entry exam, selection of course units, experienced faculty, use of the case study method, interaction with managers from leading industry players, one-week international module in IESE, and methodological rigor, leave me in no doubt that I obtained a world-class education.

Francis Angila

I always had a long-term goal to attain a master’s degree. SBS’ MBA program allowed me to achieve my goal, while maintaining my career and family life.

Completing the MBA program however, required dedication, hard work and sacrifice. It was an individual investment of time, money, energy and enthusiasm. But it was worth it! The program gave me an opportunity to broaden my skill set and provided me with the ability to engage different industries. I am more confident as a person and encouraged to explore outside my comfort zone. The strong business network and life-long friendships are a tremendous addition to the learning experience.

The Pan-African EMBA module in IESE, Spain is perhaps my most memorable experience. It served as an opportunity to work with a varied group of individuals with different professional backgrounds and nationalities. It was great learning from their experiences and from internationally-acclaimed faculty.

Joining SBS has been one of the best decisions that I have made!

Wambui Mukabi

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