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NMG Journalists Attend Business Acumen Program

  Jun 22, 2012

Nation Media Group business news reporters attended a 4 day program on Business Acumen at SBS from 18th – 21st June 2012. The essence of the training was to give the reporters imperative information on business companies that should constitute their articles, other than the just the profits and losses incurred. The main discussion topics during the program included; understanding the business environment, grasping key economic drivers of the industry that each company operates in, markets and their policies, financial metrics and indices, business life cycles and strategies.

Nick Mbuvi, Corporate Banking and Executive Director, East Africa for Barclays Bank (Kenya), talked of the importance of well researched business reporting. He emphasized on the need to inform the public of companies’ proceedings in an impartial and responsible manner in terms of the accuracy of content the provided. While emphasizing that business reporting should not be sensational, Mr. Mbuvi reminded the participants of the need to leave a legacy and build a credible reputation for their name with each business story. The journalists were confident that the training would improve their quality of output citing that they had gained substantially from discussions on strategic planning and had a broader view of the scope involved in business reporting.

David Aduda Editorial Administration Manager at Nation Media Group stated that SBS programs are designed to build employees and business owners to become more productive and to take their organisations to higher success levels. This is enabled through the use of case studies and focus groups. The learning methods help participants become their own examiners by discussing real life occurrences with their proposed solutions. Mr. Aduda further laid emphasis on the need for journalists to be knowledgeable and asked the participants to impact positively through their power of ‘microphone and pen’.

In her closing remarks, Patricia Murugami, Vice Dean of Executive Talent Development at SBS wished the journalists enduring success in their industry with their art, impacting positively on their followers.

The Business Acumen program is one of the In-Company Programs offered by SBS. The programs are designed according to the specialized needs of the organisations in a bid to improve their output and make them more knowledgeable in their workplace.

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