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CROWF Host Capacity Development Workshop

  Apr 26, 2019

On 23rd April 2019, Strathmore University Business School’s (SBS) Center for Research and Organizations, Work and Family (CROWF) department held a four-day capacity development workshop. The workshop was focused on aligning Kenya’s draft National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection (NPFPP) with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

NPFPP is based on key guiding principles such as a stable marriage, responsible parenting, family diversity, family resilience, community participation, human rights and partnerships. It identifies challenges affecting the family and undertakes to address them by providing procedures on what the government in collaboration with stakeholders will do to realize the policy goal.

The policy in conversation at this workshop intends to realize the vision of ‘happy and stable families for a strong society’ with the associated positive outcomes. These include higher levels of self-esteem; lower levels of antisocial behaviour such as crime, violence and substance abuse; higher levels of work productivity; lower levels of stress; and more self-efficacy to deal with socioeconomic hardships. To this end, it is envisioned that happy and stable families will demonstrate high levels of social capital and resilience, and contribute to smooth functioning of society and, hence, to social cohesion.

The overall goal of this policy is to provide an environment that recognizes and facilitates family well-being and empowers families to participate in the socio-economic development of the country.

The implementation of the policy will involve a multi-sectoral approach. The ministry responsible for family which is currently the Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection will play a coordination role. Other key players include line ministries, departments and agencies, county governments, civil society organizations, private sector, faith-based organizations and development partners.

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