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Executive Education Discuss the Mental Health of Employees

  Apr 26, 2019

On 17th April 2019, Strathmore University Business School (SBS) held a two-day customized solution programme. In attendance was Nation Media Group (NMG), an independent media house in East and Central Africa. The team was here seeking to build the leadership capabilities of their managerial staff.

Mr. Joseph Mokaya, Head of talent acquisition, capability development and talent management at Safaricom Limited, was the guest speaker during one of the sessions where he gave his insight into the art of leadership. The participants gave their practical experiences as Mr. Mokaya led a session of proposed scenarios where investigations were carried out and possible solutions suggested. One issue that stood out was the mention of mental health of staff members. Ms. Marceline, a manager at NMG, expressed her concern on the rising cases of mental health issues in the country and how managers are not well equipped to assist staff who exhibit these symptoms.

Mental illness is a disease that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought and/or behavior, resulting in an inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines. As said by the Daily Nation, globally, depression costs Sh101 trillion in lost productivity every year. A United States (US) study of the cost of lost productive work time among US workers by epidemiologist, Walter Stewart, revealed that depressed people lose 5 hours and 36 minutes of productive work every week as compared to the one and a half hours lost by those who are non-depressed. Dr. Watene, a Psychologist urged employers to factor in the mental welfare of their employees by providing them with mental treatment services.

Dr. Watene further advised people to be self-aware and to pay attention to sudden changes in their thoughts and behaviors. He further urged them to seek early treatment and keep tabs on any changes in their general health.

Mr. Stephen Gitagama, NMG Chief Executive Officer, gave the closing comment touching on the topic stating that “the NMG human resource team has facilitated avenues to offer its staff the assistance they may need in the event of a mental health issue and will continue to do more in light of the raised concerns”.

SBS in its’ mission to provide world-class executive management education offered a customized solution that focused on providing a tailored and bespoke custom programme and consultation that ensured solutions to the organizations’ unique and specific need. We are glad the team had this opportunity to properly communicate their key areas of concern.

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